Wednesday, September 9, 2015


We're in the thick of change of seasons. There are days that are humid and hot and just feel like summer may never end.

And then there are days that are cool and literally smell like fall and tempt me to pull out my jeans and my comfy boots and welcome the colder weather with open arms.
Found the one person who actually finds joy in the weeds blooming. As for me, I'm getting stabby about the pollen situation. #mboys2015He's never far from his football. #mboys2015
To remind us that the seasons are indeed changing, the pollen count is super high, which has wreaked havoc on all of us despite my best laid plans of essential oils and rigid antihistamine dosages. We are a sniffly bunch, my clan and I and can't decide if we want to bask in the heat of summer a bit more or switch full on into football and sweatshirt season.
Hindsite being 20/20, it would probably have been best if I had taken their picture BEFORE we spent 4 hours swimming. Goodbye summer 2015! You were good to us! #mboys2015
we scrambled to the water park for their last day to use the last bit of our passes. We'd held on to them in hopes that Brayden would hit another growth spurt before summer's end and finally reach the coveted 48" height requirement for the big slides. He grew just in the nick of time. I left more exhausted than I had ever left a water park... somehow the stamina I possess at 33 is not the same as I previously held in my teen years during my own water slide glory days. Lord, give me strength to make it through the teen years of water slides and roller coaster adventures with these boys.
Hot, sweltering fun at the Hogs game today! It was our first Bielema game to attend... the last game we attended was 3 years ago.
Drew and I were given the opportunity to attend the first Hogs game of this season- our first to attend in over 3 years! It was loads of fun despite the near hellish temperatures (wearing eye makeup to a football game is not encouraged when said game is close to 95 degrees. I was a hot mess express by the time the game ended).

I got to spend some rare alone time with Tyler today. He is a spit fire kid, full of personality, and many of my days are spent trying not to pull my hair out as he gets into 29276 things... so alone time with him allows me to really enjoy the phase of life he is in and overlook some of the hardships that come with having a two year old. I can't wait to see how the Lord uses his big personality!

I reflected a lot today on how the seasons of life have changed for me over the past couple of years. I have gone from having mostly all diapered children to only having one (and hopefully on the end of that road soon!), from having all 3 kids at home, to this being the last year to have multiple children with me at home, and from going to feeling like I am drowning in the sea of motherhood to feeling like I have finally gotten to a place where I am comfortable, confident and happy with where I am at. In a lot of ways I feel like the seasons of life ebb and flow just like the seasons of weather. We go back and forth until we are comfortable with where we are at, but each change in seasons brings with it a few uncomfortable things, much like allergies accompany the change of seasons with weather. And just like the change of seasons brings about mixed emotions (I want summer to stay, but then end up begrudging feeling like I am melting at every turn), so the change of seasons in motherhood goes as well. I think I'm in a bit of the allergy season right now-- I feel the change of our lives coming (in mostly good ways), but am not really sure that I'm ready for it. Thankfully the changes are always slow, and so this one will be too. So I'm off to soak in every moment I can of these "little" years. (And if you read my last post, I'll be recording a lot of it too! Gotta capture those sweet little words while they still sound little!).

Monday, August 31, 2015

First Day of Preschool 2015.

Today was the first day of Connor and Tyler's MDO program. This is also known as my sanity break.


Connor and Tyler were both so very excited this morning when they saw their lunch boxes packed and ready to go. The hardest part is waiting between the time of dropping Brayden off and their own school starting. The waiting is oh so hard.

I can't believe that this is Connor's last year in preschool. This morning he walked into his classroom, put his stuff in his cubby and then sat down to do his work. I asked if I could have a hug and he laughed as if he was embarrassed and said no, before resuming his work. It's a shame he's so emotionally attached to me.
last night as we decided on what he would wear he chose the batman one. At first I was hesitant (I am weird with kids clothes, which is surprising considering I normally look like I just rolled out of bed), but then he said "I just need this shirt because I really am awesome like batman, mom!" Couldn't say no the the awesome kid (see also: no one will ever be able to accuse my kids of not having self confidence).
Connor is really one of the sweetest boys you'll ever meet. His heart is as big as a lion's, and he is constantly seeking out how to help others. Can't wait to see how much he learns and grows this year!

And this stinker. He HAD to hold his "blue other pack pack" during his picture. He got the hand-me-down lunch box this year. He was most excited about the hammer on it (Thors gavel).
I asked him to put his hands in his pockets (it's easier to take pics of him if his hands are preoccupied). He couldn't find his regular pockets so he put them in his cargo pockets. He is HILARIOUS.
I was a little nervous he'd have a melt down as I left since he was a little emotional about being at school during open house. But he walked right in, started playing and didn't even look back when I told him good-bye.

I was able to be productive today, and my house stayed clean upon it being clean, which is always a refreshing feeling. Tonight I was reminded about how quickly these baby and preschool years are fleeting... I happened upon some old pictures and video I had no idea were still left on a memory card. They are of Brayden when we first moved into our current house (about 3.5 years ago!). He is SO little and precious and he says words incorrectly and has a speech delay that at the time freaked me out but now I just think is the most endearing thing ever. I don't have a ton of regrets in parenting, but I think the biggest one is that we have never owned a video camera. It just kills me to think of all of the memories that we have missed in preserving. So obviously I am taking my emotional unrest on my babies growing up to research video cameras. If you own one, leave a shoutout in the comments if you would recommend yours! And if you don't, join my boat. We can't all be regretting this when we're in nursing homes in 40 years.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Instagram Killed the Blogger.

If video killed the radio star, then logical reasoning would have one conclude that instagram killed the blogger.

It occurred to me the other night as I was perusing through old photos that Tylers first two years of life are largely caught on camera... the phone camera that is. Which makes me a little sad to think that I won't be able to blow up big pictures of lots of fun memories. It's OK. Better than no pictures (obviously), but still sad.

So for the past week I've tried to be more intentional about pulling out my big camera during the every day moments of my life. It's so much harder to do when I now have three kids. It's big to lug around, and I'm almost inevitably having to put it down to rush and get Tyler out of something he's not supposed to be in (there is good reason why we all call him Tyler the tornado. That boy is a P-I-L-L!). These moments that are seemingly mundane, are also the most sweet to me. They are the moments that only I get to witness. When my boys feel safe and free enough to express imaginations of grandeur super hero status and world changing strength. The moments where the dance and sing and say sweet things that show their innocence and preciousness.
I sure do love being their mom. Our days are filled with love and laughter (and some fighting, because: LIFE.). As Jen Hatmaker says, I hope their childhood days are mostly good. Because mostly good will turn into magical when they turn 40 :) As for Instagram, I'm not backing down. As much as I'd like to think that I'll pick up the camera regularly, if I don't, Instagram's got my back.

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