Thursday, August 28, 2014

First Day of MDO.

One of the biggest adjustments we've had to make with Kindergarten is trying to explain to Connor that he still has two more years left at home. I'm selfishly glad for this fact, but to Connor, it's been a devastating blow to his world. I think in his mind, he's as old as Brayden and therefore can do everything Brayden does. Until this point, the fact that they went to the same school was a good enough leveler (not sure if that's a word... but I'm going with it anyway) for Connor.

So when Connor realized Brayden was going to be going to school EVERY day of the week, I started getting the "when can I go to school?" and "when does my school start?" questions. Needless to say, the first day of MDO this week was like Christmas morning for our Connor boy.
He was also very excited to finally use his new big boy "packpack"
His first day was a success. He loved it, and sat right down to start working on writing his name (although, he did look a little confused on why he had to sit and do work instead of play with toys. Sometimes the reality of being in the big boy class doesn't end up being as fun as your dreams ;) ) I'm so excited to watch him grow this year. Pre-K3 was a big learning and growing year for Brayden, and I am sure it will be the same for Connor.

Tyler gets to go to MDO this year again too, and we decided to put him in twice a week. It's really the best for all involved, as I feel like Tyler does well when he's able to get out of the house and experience things outside of the confines of his home life (and not be confined to a car seat while mommy runs errands). His first day went so well (no tears! Yay for the -hopeful- end of separation anxiety!!!) and he had the best demeanor that afternoon. It helps he has the same teachers as last year. I'm praying that being around the other walking babies will give him his final oomph to walk.

Here's to a cleaner house, lunches with friends, volunteer time at school and grocery shopping during the day instead of at night! ;) I think it's safe to say we ALL love MDO!

Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten.

Well, after last nights post I was sure that I'd be a hot mess this morning. I even debated whether or not to put on makeup today, because, let's be honest here. (a) I rarely wear makeup to begin with, and (b) mascara and the first day of Kindergarten don't really seem like a great duo. I threw caution to the wind and went for the makeup anyway, and am happy to report that the mascara didn't get all smudgy through the few tears that I did shed.
So, funny fact: I hit up Gap sales this summer and loaded up on the cutest back to school clothes. I made a special drawer with school clothes that Brayden could pick from, and told him that he could wear gym shorts on the days he had PE. And it just so happens that his first day of school was PE day, so he got his dream come true to wear gym shorts and a Darth Vader shirt for first day of school pics. Ha!
Brayden marched into school today like he owned the place. I was worried this wouldn't be the case, when he came to my bathroom this morning as I was brushing my teeth and said "I'm going to really miss you today. Can I take a picture of you when you take a picture of me?" Sweet boy.
He found his seat and excitedly waved around his Transformers pencil case. He got to work on his coloring assignment as he was told, and acted as if I was bothering him with all of the extra hugs, kisses and tears. Apparently when your mom cries at Kindergarten drop off it affects your cool factor. Or something like that.

Connor, never to be one who is left out, sat in line at the doorway of the classroom, ready to check himself in. I heard Brayden's teacher say "I don't have a Connor on my roster... are you sure you're in the right classroom?" I had to hurriedly go over and explain that he still has two years till Kindergarten (thank goodness! My heart would split in two if they were both going to school this year!). We all got a good laugh out of that one.

Brayden with his teacher. I have prayed all year that the Lord would bless us with a great teacher for Brayden, and I really feel like Mrs. M is an answer to our prayers (she's taught Kindergarten for 25 years!). She has already exceeded my expectations and today was only the first day.
holding back the tears. I am so proud of this boy!
Drew said his goodbyes last. And then that was that. We walked out of the school with one less child than we took in. Such a surreal feeling.

I only teared up a little walking out of the school. And am thankful for the floodgates of texts, phone calls and messages letting me know that my friends were praying for me.... I truly have the best group of friends that anyone could ask for. To soften the morning, I met up with a friend at Chick-Fil-A for the boys to play and for me to get some therapy Dr Pepper & Chicken minis. I was doing really well until we got in the car to go home and Connor said "Ok. Let's go get Brayden now." I had to explain that this is the way it would be from here on out. That Brayden wouldn't be with us during the daytime anymore. Connor sat still and pondered this for a second, and then, with tears in his eyes and a sad pouty face, said "But Mom. I miss Brayden!" Bless it all. We cried together and then got home, where Lego ninjas on Netflix seemed to soothe his brother missing soul.

We've almost got day one of Kindergarten in the books, and so far, it's not been near as bad as I thought it would be. I can only hope each coming day will get easier. I'm so excited to watch my boy learn and grow this year... here's to a great year in Kindergarten!