Monday, July 21, 2008

Bonds stronger than Miles

This past week I was able to house most of my family while they were in between housing units during their eventual move back to Louisiana. Some of the highlights include: the lovely air that is in our town when the wind blows west (it smells like cows-- nearly made my mom puke during our walk with the dogs), movie nights, late night talks, a day out on the lake at which both Mom and Laura were able to get up on the wakeboard (Laura got up on the wakesurf), mozzi sticks, laser tag & virtual jump rope (don't ask, we couldn't figure it out). Today was hard. Not necessarily because I won't see them again, because I will, but because we are in uncharted waters. We've never been more than 3 hours apart, which is just a quick weekend trip. It's scary, yet I cling to the fact that my parents are following God's guidance and God will not give our family something we cannot handle. I am just so thankful that it's a sad thing when my family leaves; I know some who breath a sigh of relief when their parents and/or siblings leave town, but to Drew and I, there is no greater joy than spending time with my family. They are the people who love us because of who we are despite our faults, will come to our rescue when no one else will, and can make us laugh when no one else can. I think if there is one thing I can bet on me learning this year is that our family bond is stronger than any mile that comes between us, despite how hard it seems.

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