Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend in Review

Well, in case you missed my post on Friday, then you might not know that Drew's mom was able to visit us unexpectedly this weekend. Well, I mean, we had a week to prepare, but that's nothing considering most trips that they come out this way it's well planned out in advance. We were so excited to get to see Dottie (aka to the boys as "Mamaw" which Brayden quickly shortened to "Maw" while she was here). Friday Dottie arrived, so we spent the afternoon playing, catching up and of course, what good is an afternoon with Mamaw without some snuggles? :) Her grandboys love her so much!

yes, Brayden is eating a stick. We like to keep it organic around here :)
Mamaw helped Brayden be a monkey and climb up the tree... he LOVED it!
I don't know why, but this picture makes me giggle. haha!
showing off his awesome baseball skills.
I pulled out the camera, and he said "cheeeeeeese!" and posed like this. H-A-M.
Working on vroom vroom puzzles with Mamaw.

Saturday we went to Brayden's swim lessons. I was able to sneak a few pics of the lesson through the window that I normally watch from, and Dottie was able to watch from the side of the pool. Brayden is doing SO well, and I am so proud of him! He's going to be a little fish in no time!

(sorry these pics are dark and fuzzy... I only had my point and shoot and the lighting in the swim room is less than ideal for pictures)
This is how Connor spends every Saturday morning... conked out and snuggle buggle in his car seat... isn't he so sweet?!
After B's lessons we let him run around on the basketball courts. It's pure love! This week one of the little girls who was playing loaned B her ball so he could shoot.
proof that the child has no fear.

After swim lessons we decided to venture to Sam's club on our weekly ritual. We enjoyed a pizza lunch (as always), samples and got a few necessities before heading home for naps. In the afternoon Drew set to task on the fence reinforcements. If you've read my blog for a while, then you might remember last summer, when our neighbors got 2 pitbulls. They've been a nuisance ever since, and quite honestly I was fearful that Brayden would get his fingers bit off with the way they snarled and growled at him anytime he got even close to the fence (imagine my horror one afternoon not too long ago when I walked outside to see him sticking his fingers THROUGH the fence and laughing as the pits growled at him!). We're thankful for good friends who came over and helped Drew complete the fence reinforcement in no time.

Mamaw hanging out with her boys. I LOVE this picture!
what a treat- B was sharing his blankets with Mamaw!
This sweet little thing is Miss Brooklyn, our friends Crystal and Josh's miracle baby. She's exactly a month older than Connor. Isn't she precious?!
Another one of little Brooklyn. MMM... she is so sweet!
Dottie got to hold TWO babies at one time! Such talent! And my word, Connor is a month younger, but he's clearly got a few pounds on his female counterpart.
Josh and Drew hard at work on the 'pit bull free zone'.

Sunday we had church. It was SUCH a good service about being in the world, but not of the world. Such a fine line to walk as a believer, and such a great reminder to not seclude ourselves from society, but to set ourselves apart. SO good. Sunday afternoon I had a photoshoot for a dear friend who just had a baby, and then we lounged around for the rest of the day. Drew's mom took care of the boys in the evening so Drew and I could steal a few precious moments away... thanks so much Dottie!

Drew's mom left this morning around the same time Drew left for work. We've been recuperating from the weekend in our pj's all day today-- mainly doing laundry-- my never ending nimisis.

Friday, February 25, 2011


It's Friday. {insert huge sigh of relief}. It's been a long week. Lots of rainy days, which means that by 4pm on said days, there is a whiny, cranky toddler and a momma who might just lose it. OK, OK, I admit. I am almost losing it just about all the time, not just on the rainy days. But I like to think I have it together on the sunny days, so just humor me. haha! I am busy getting ready for a last minute visit from Drew's mom this weekend, so I thought I'd join in on Five Question Friday this week (plus I really like the questions this week).

1. Can you drive a stick shift?
Heck to the capital N-O. In fact, there's a funny story with stick shifts and me. You see, I was supposed to inherit my dad's Ford Taurus SHO when I turned 16. Back in the late '90s, that was a pretty sweet car. It has a wicked engine, leather seats... I mean, it was a perfect first set of wheels. The problem was, it was a manual. And we lived in Little Rock, Arkansas. If you know anything about Little Rock, specifically WEST Little Rock, then you know that the roads there are HILLY. Trying to learn stick is hard enough, but trying to learn on hills is nearly impossible. But I was determined, so Dad and I set out one afternoon shortly after I got my learners permit. We made it a few blocks from our house. I got stuck on a hill. I burnt out the clutch. Smoke was everywhere. I am sure there were choice words between me and my Dad. And I walked home. Upon entering the house (my mom had the most awesome bewildered look on her face when I walked in without my dad or car keys) I exclaimed to my mom that I was never going to drive. EVER. Thank God it wasn't self fulfilling prophesy. But the Taurus did have to leave our family for an easier mode of transportation (an automatic, 1987 Honda Civic. Don't laugh. I loved that car). That day I walked home from "driving" with my dad.... it was the last time I sat behind the wheel of a manual vehicle. Have I mentioned we own a manual transmission truck? I have no excuse, other than the mere fact that it I get kind of ticked off just thinking about learning to drive it, so I forego the option completely.

2. What are two foods you just can't eat?
Brussel Sprouts are the #1 answer to this question. When I was little, mom would cook brussel sprouts, and I swear that myself, along with my 3 siblings, would sit there at the table gagging at the sight and smell of the things. And then the taste? Pretty sure I dry heaved through a lot of dinners when I was a child. I can't distinctly think of the 2nd thing off the top of my head, although sardines sounds and smells aweful. I've never tried it though, so I'm not sure I could for sure say I couldn't eat them.

3. Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies? What is your favorite kind?
Yes and no. Yes, we used to purchase Girl Scout cookies. back before we had two kids in diapers. We now spend our life savings on disposable pieces of glory, otherwise known as Huggies and Pampers. When we did buy them, we got the thin mints and somoas (OMG I am drooling just THINKING of these cookies... WHY did you have to ask this question?!?!).

4. How do you pamper yourself?
Food. haha! I LOVE eating out. LOVE it. But unfortunately we just don't have the money in the budget for eating out a lot (please see my answer to #3 to know WHY we don't have money to eat out). So on the rare occasion that we're able to do something fun, fancy and frivolous, eating out is what I do.

5. What is your nickname and how did you get it?
In high school, I went by my maiden name. Most of my high school friends STILL call me by my maiden name. In college that kind of went out the window, and I really took on Linds. To my dad, I am Loo Loo or Loo bug. Not really sure how that started, but he's always called me that. I wish I had better stories to share about my nicknames. My answer is pretty anticlimactic, don't you think? haha.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What You're Saying Lately...

Dear Brayden,

I figure once you read this blog (in book form, if I ever get around to doing that), that you may not care what you said when you were almost 2. But to me, some of the things you say make me smile so big, and I never want to forget them. So I thought I'd chronicle them here so I'll always remember.
: :
Your daddy and I have been trying to work on showing you how old you are. We've tried to get you to say "I'm almost 2" while holding up two fingers. You try really hard, by holding up all 5 fingers and then saying "I'm almost twee". It's a valiant effort, but I worry the people in the Walmart check out line may think you're incredibly small for your age.
: :
You love, love, love your brother. Just the other day you walked up to him and said "hi Buddy!" You also know you are not supposed to be mean to him. So if you act out in anger and hit him, you immediately look at me, and then turn around to hug Connor and say "Seery Cannaw, Seery, it tay, it tay" (translation: Sorry Connor, it's ok, it's ok).
: :
You are obsessed with your Poppa D (my dad). Sometimes you'll randomly clasp your hands together in prayer hands and say "my papa" which means you are thanking God for your papa. You also already have a friendly rivalry going between his LSU blood and your Razorback blood. Last night at the dinner table you said "my Papa, tigers, no no. Go hogs go."
: :
You loved going to the local amusement place (similar to Chuck E Cheese) and have asked to go there twice since we went on Monday. You come up to me and say "momma, bye bye, go vroom vroom POW!" (they have little boxing things there that Drew was teaching him how to punch).
: :
We skype with Gigi (whom you now call Ju Ju) quite a bit. If we call her and she's not home, you'll look at me, put your hands in the air, and say "Ju ju not home!"
: :
You call baseball "batball" and basketball "bababall".
: :
You call keys "tees", and will pitch the biggest fit if you don't get to hold a set of keys after we get home. Once you have the keys you'll go to each and every door and pretend like you're opening it.
: :
You will find the red spoon in the kitchen, and immediately say to me "disobey? no no. disobey!" and then grab the spoon and swat your own leg. Apparently you understand what happens when you disobey. Now if only we could get you to STOP disobeying, haha!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, February 21, 2011

Vroom Vroom Adain.


Tonight we went to a local pizza place (similar to Chuck E. Cheese) with several other families. It was the first time in a while we have brought Brayden out to one of these places. Typically in the past we just let him sit on the cars and "play," and he has been satisfied without the thing moving. It looks as though we can't do that anymore. Tonight, as B was playing, the MINUTE the car or truck stopped moving, B would lean out of the vehicle, look over towards our table and YELL "Momma, vroom vroom adain!" over and over again until I went over to him, gave him a token, and helped him get the machine started again. I guess our outings just got a bit more expensive :)


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend in Review

This weekend was fairly basic. No frills, nothing super fancy or terribly exciting. But sometimes those are the best weekends, right?

Saturday Brayden had swim class, so Drew accompanied Brayden while Connor and I went shopping for a bit. After swim lessons we went to Sam's club, ate pizza and then were going to go to the park on the way home, but B fell asleep. So we decided to just head home and go out and about after naptime. I'm glad we waited because the clouds parted and a GLORIOUS afternoon awaited us after the boys woke up. I hit up the Children's Place for their President's Day sale and then we headed to a local trail to enjoy the nice weather.
The trail runs behind a local church, and I snapped this picture as we got to the path:


We had hoped Brayden would want to ride his new Strider PREbike, but he was a bit more interested in throwing rocks into the creek. I think we probably sat at the creek for 30 minutes. It was so nice, and something we're looking forward to going back to very soon. I practiced shooting in manual mode, something I am a bit uncomfortable with right now, but want to get good at. I love these pics of Drew and Brayden down by the water.

Drew found a rock that had a fossil on it and was showing Brayden.
betcha didn't know that the best way to tell if it's a good throwin' rock is to taste it first ;o)
searching for the perfect one...
"look mom I found it!"
(I just realized that I need to note something about Brayden's outfit: B has now started telling me what he wants to wear. He was INSISTENT that he wear his "raborbacks" shirt, despite the fact that it doesn't really match. {sigh}).
Winding up for the throw (and making sure daddy's watching!)
Another taste test
calling the Hogs!

I am sure you are wondering what Connor man was up to while we were enjoying the creek. Why, he was just hanging out kickin' it in his car seat of course!

Seriously you guys, he smiles SO much. It just melts my heart and makes my long days SO worth it!

Drew stole the camera and snapped this pic of me and B:

I only share this picture with you because I wanted you to see Brayden RUNNING with Drew's hat on, which completely covered his eyes. It was hilarious.

Um, do I even need to say anything about this picture? It's probably one of my all time faves.

Saturday also marked Connor man's 3 month birthday! So I set him down in the grass (which he LOVED) and started snapping away. I love this little guy so much!


These last two were taken right before we left...


Today we went to church and volunteered in infants. After church Drew took care of the boys so I could go and enjoy a pedicure with a friend, and then when I got back home we tag teamed and Drew left to go and play basketball.

Sadly, the weather this week is supposed to get cold again. Spring is being a temptress this year and only showing herself in bits and pieces. I'm ready for the full blown spring. Bring on the pollen and warm temps (well, I could forego the pollen... but let's be clear that I'm ready to wear flip flops full time!).

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Side by Side. Again.

Yall are probably going to get sick of these side by side posts, but I do them mainly for myself. When I was taking pictures of Connor today, I couldn't help but think of Brayden's 3 month photoshoot. So here's the boys at exactly 3 months!

Happy 3 Month Birthday!

IMG_0570wmConnor, you're 3 months old today!
I can't believe how fast time has flown, and yet when I look at you, you are still so little to me. Perhaps it's because you have a big brother and so you'll always seem like my baby. So what are you up to these days?
  • The biggest thing is that you FINALLY started sleeping through the night when you turned 12 weeks old last week. You eat your dreamfeed at 10:30, and don't wake up until 7:30 (today I had to WAKE you up at 8:15!). I am SO grateful for that uninterrupted 9 hours of sleep you are giving me and daddy, and so thankful for Babywise!
  • Naps are still hit and miss for us. You take at least 3 naps a day, but are in the thick of the '45 minute intruder', so sometimes you get 3 short naps :( Thankfully I know that if we keep on pressing on, eventually we'll get out of this phase. At least that's what I hope, haha!
  • You are seriously one of the happiest babies I've ever been around. Every time you see me you light up with the biggest gummiest grin I have ever seen, and even kind of squeal. It makes my heart melt and I LOVE it!
  • You are a BIG boy! You weighed 14 pounds 2 weeks ago, so I am sure you are getting close to 15 pounds now. 
  • You wear almost all 3-6 month clothes.
  • You wear a size 3 diaper at night and a size 2 diaper during the day.
  • You eat 7 times during the day: every 3 hours (we still cluster feed you at night), and a dreamfeed from daddy at 10:30. When we feed you a bottle you'll eat about 4 ounces during the day, and your dreamfeed bottle is about 5-6 ounces. You're still a 100% breastmilk baby, and we're hoping it stays that way for a bit longer :)
  • You still have reflux, but I can tell it's getting better. Thank goodness for Zantac!
  • Your hair is still as awesome as ever. I often get comments from people asking me how I style it... haha! No styling except for what God put in it!
  • You LOVE your bath and would just lay in there for ever if I let you! 
  • You are starting to roll from your back to your side, so I am thinking that rolling onto your tummy is not too far into our future. Oh boy!
  • You can sit in your bumbo for quite a while now, and are still love the swing!
  • When you sit in your bouncy chair, something inside of you wakes up and you literally kick it like nobody's business. It's so funny to watch you kick your little legs and flail your arms... I love how excited you get!
"thumbs down to ANOTHER photo shoot mom!"
just a teeny wheeny view of his little pouty lip. He knows how to stick it straight out when he's not getting his way (or when he's upset about something! haha!)
believe it or not, the only thing I edited on this picture was white balance and a bit of contrast, and then added a vignette. His eyes are THAT blue! I {LOVE} them!
Your daddy and I love you so much little mister! Thank you for bringing so much joy and tons of smiles into our home... happy 3 month birthday!

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