About Me

headshot500pxI am a Louisiana-born Arkansan, who fills most of my time with my husband and three sons. In the rare moments I have free time you can find me hiding behind my camera or  on my computer editing or blogging. I was home schooled through all of grade school, middle school and 9th grade, yet I am hailed by my closest of friends as being the “only normal home schooled person they’ve met.”  I try to find joy in the little things of life, but have to admit that I am a worrier at heart. God has used the journey of my life to show me that He is Sovereign and that He reigns… NOT ME. As a type-A, controller personality, this is hard for me to accept, but it seems that the minute I do, everything generally falls into place. This blog was intended to share my thoughts as I journey through life as a daughter of the King, a wife to my husband, a momma to my sons and a photographer of my friends and family. My life is far from easy, and there are days that I literally think that I may go insane, but I think if we’re honest, we all feel that way at some point of every day. Welcome to my blog, which is simply a glimpse into my life. Hopefully I don’t scare you away… Ha!

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