Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our Crazy, Busy, Fun Week.

Well, I've about worn myself thin this week. Thought I'd show you a few of the phone pics (I never brought my camera with me when we were doing things, but I now have a phone that has a decent camera on it, so yay for backup!)

Monday Brayden had school. Connor and I brought Toby to get his vaccines and annual check up. I switched vets since our old vet was a huge drive from our new home. Unfortunately Connor screamed the whole time, so I was mortified that the new vet would ask me to leave. ha! Draining to say the least! In the afternoon we were playing in the front yard and the ice cream truck came down our street. It was a lost cause, so even though I was about to make dinner, we made our first ice cream truck purchase of the season.


Tuesday we met up with my friend Jenna and her boys, Brayden and Brody. Our boys are pretty much the same age, so we've tried to get them together so they could play. We went to Chick-Fil-A (ofcourse we went there!). Brayden spilled lemonade under the table, and Connor screamed towards the end of our meal because he wanted to go play. I always feel like we're a circus, but the boys had a blast. It's so sweet watching the two Brayden's playing together.

Wednesday Brayden started big boy swim classes. He's been in swim classes since he was about 7 months old and has always done fabulous. BUT one of us has always been in the pool with him. This time he was by himself with 3 other boys. 3 other three year old boys to be exact. BRAVE teacher if you ask me :) Brayden did SO well, and obeyed the entire time. I may or may not have teared up when I walked out of the swimming pool room and watched has he gleefully entered the pool with the other boys. Kindergarten may be harder than I've thought.


Thursday both boys were in school. I shopped most of the day, hitting up TJ Maxx and a local Flea Market. I'm getting kind of sad about the boys' school year coming to an end. We played at home most of this afternoon, and at one point I put Connor's hair up in a pony tail holder. Poor boy is dealing with some nasty allergies, and the hair poking in his eyes is not helping so I took matters into my own hands. Daddy wasn't that thrilled with the 'do, but what's a momma to do? ;)


Tomorrow we have a fun playdate planned with a bunch of our friends, complete with an Easter egg hunt :) I'll try to take some pictures because I have a feeling it's going to be mad chaos. ha! Have a happy weekend!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Standing in a Field.


So I mentioned in my weekend in review post that the boys frollicked in an overgrown field last Saturday afternoon. The sunshine was perfect and the hill that accompanied the field was even more perfection for my own little Evil Knievel.

You know, there are times as a mom that I seriously think I might just need to check myself into an insane asylum. The days are sometimes gruesomely long with whining, manipulation, teething and growing pains. Yet, even in the midst of the chaos, I still manage to love my boys so much that I could never, ever, ever, give up this job of being their mom. And like always, the Lord provides sweet afternoons like last Saturday to fill my heart and remind me just how very blessed I am.


These next two are just keeping it real... don't want yall thinking that everything is all sweet in our neck of the woods...
(poor Connor got pummeled not once, but twice, in the field. And he was doing nothing to provoke said actions upon him.)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend in Review (picture OVERLOAD).

Well, I'm proud to say that I made it through Spring Break 2012 without a mental breakdown. A week with downtime is nice, but when you're stuck inside due to bad weather with two kids under the age of 3, things can go south pretty quick. Thankfully we caught a few gaps of light rain this past week to run errands so things weren't too bad. And the weather cleared up just in time for the weekend, so all's well that ends well :)

Friday was pretty laid back. We ran grocery errands. Yall, do you feel like you just unload your pockets at the grocery store these days??? Seriously, I know I bought stuff to make about 6-7 meals, but still... I was shocked at how much I spent. It's kind of ridiculous. Anyways. Friday night I got a little time away getting my new phone setup and checking on some photography spots for a shoot I had Saturday morning. My old blackberry was starting to act funny, and so Drew was nice enough to go halvsies with me and help me get a smart phone. I was (and still am) SO excited about it. I've wanted a smart phone for quite some time, and it has not disappointed :)

Saturday I was able to go up to Crystal Bridges to take some pictures of Cooper. The weather was awesome, and Cooper was cooperative. After pictures I met up with Drew and we took the boys to eat pizza at Sam's. Saturday afternoon we took to the trails again. The weather was just too gorgeous to deny the trails our presence :) Brayden only lasted on the bike a few minutes before wanting to ride in the wagon with Connor, which meant Daddy had quite a load to carry :(

Not too far into the trail there was an area that we could play in the creek.

(I keep threatening to cut Connor's hair, so Drew said he wanted to spike it one last time when it was long. Thus, the oompa loompa look :) )
whenever he sees water and/or rocks, he will point and then say "oooooohhhh!" or "wowwww!"
I got so sad editing these pictures yall. Brayden is growing up SO fast!
I convinced him to wear his Keen's this trip and am ever grateful. He now LOVES them (I had to convince them they are cooler than the $2 pair of flip flops he wants to wear every other day- ha!)
pure heaven
Both boys were all about it. So much so that Connor decided he should go for a swim.


Yes, my heart skipped several beats. Thankfully Drew was standing right there and was able to scoop him up. Not sure how much my heart can bear with two boys who are fearless :/ Brayden was slightly jealous that Connor was able to take his clothes off, so he tried to go for a swim too. (SIGH). They both ended up pretty stripped down.

hanging out with daddy after the clothes were hung out to dry
Brayden is ALL about super heroes these days. At one point he turned around and said "wook at my super hero muscles!" and gave me this pose. Have I mentioned how much I love being a boy mom???? :)
He's SOOOO strong
Brayden then proceeded to splash like a super hero. Connor, sitting on the other side of the creek, thought the splashing was hilarious. So both boys were just giggling and laughing. It was so sweet to watch.
He was SO happy.
laughing at brother
I'm sorry these may seem repetitive to yall... I just love them so much!
wouldn't you know, another superman pose
taking a break to get a rock out of his shoe
I mean, seriously, who stole our baby and replaced him with a full blown boy?!?!
struttin' his stuff
hiking43 hiking45

On the way back to the car we let the boys just play in an open field (to the left of where Brayden is running in the picture above). The lighting was perfect and the boys were so cute running around. I left the field with a full heart... I am blessed beyond measure :) I've decided to not reveal to you the pictures I took in this field until later this week... there's just so many of them and I fear that if I load this post with even more pics that it will become unbearably long. But trust me, they are CUUTE (not that I'm biased or anything).

Sunday was a funday. We went to church and it was AWESOME. Then when we got home Drew sent me out to celebrate one my last days in my 20s by getting a pedicure. I had to go to a new place and ended up picking one that was totally random (I had left to go to one that a friend recommended).... it was the best pedicure I've ever had. It took over an hour and was simply incredible. We ended the weekend with community group; I'm so thankful to have such awesome people surrounding us right now in this season of life.

We have a BUSY week ahead of us with the return of school for the boys (thankful for that) and errands galore. Hoping the bad weather that's coming our way again doesn't hamper things too much. Hope yall have a great week!

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