Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a bit of a scare at 35 weeks {a pregnancy update}

35weekspregnant_adollopofmylife 2
How Far Along: 35 weeks, 4 days
Size of baby: over 18 inches long, 5.25 pounds (about the size of a honeydew melon-- feels a lot bigger than a melon!!!)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 27 pounds (as of 4/28/13). Apparently I lost a pound in the past week. Either that or the scale at the doctors office on Sunday was off.
 Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes if I wear something other than sweats and a t-shirt. But really, nothing fits right.
Gender: BOY! Tyler Paul.
Movement: He moves a TON. And it's very hard, rapid kicks/punches. Which is why on Thursday I got a bit nervous when I hadn't really felt him all evening. I figured I'd sugar him up with some indulgent trail mix and a capri sun. That usually does the trick. But after an hour went by after eating with only 2 kicks, I decided to call the OB on call. And she wanted me to come in for monitoring. Up until this point, I have had relatively uneventful pregnancies. It was a bit nerve wracking mentally going through everything that could possibly be wrong. Thankfully everything checked out fine and we were sent home within an hour. Never have I been so happy to hear a heartbeat on that monitor!
Sleep: I've been fighting off a sinus infection since Thursday, so I've not slept well at all. Thankfully I'm married to the greatest man ever, and he has waited on me hand and foot this weekend, allowing me to rest and taking care of the boys (I will say though, that after 3 days in, he keeps shaking his head wondering how I do it ;) )
Symptoms: You name it, I have it. The newest one to add to the list though, is middle of the night reflux. So I find myself chowing down on Tums a lot these days.
Progress:  Because we had to go to L&D on Thursday, the doctor checked my cervix. I am 1cm dilated. Nothing to write home about, but progress nonetheless. I'm holding on to hope that I will have this boy early like I had my other two.
What I miss: I miss sleep, but as we all know, that won't come anytime soon, even after Tyler is born. I do miss wearing cute clothes that fit right.
Cravings: Anything sweet :)
Food Aversions: Pizza, but only because that makes me swell like a beached whale.
Best Moment this week: Hearing Tyler's heartbeat on the monitor on Thursday. I am pretty sure I held my breath when she put the monitor on my stomach... not knowing what we were about to hear (silence or fast thuds) was nerve wracking.And of course, other than hearing that heartbeat, I loved spending time with my friends, who showered me with love and necessities on Saturday.
What I am looking forward to: This week will start my weekly exams until Tyler is born. This is the final countdown-- literally! I'm looking forward to a few weeks of nesting and preparing everything for Tyler's arrival.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Farm Friends 2013.

For the past three years, we've attended Farm Friends, an event put on by the 4H club in NWA. It is my boys most favorite thing to do-- Brayden literally talks about this ALL year long. I wasn't feeling that great this year, plus it's hard for me to run around chasing kids when I'm waddling like a duck, so I didn't capture as many pics as I would have liked. I'm so grateful for the farmers who make this event possible, and who are SO patient with our kids as they run around yelling at their animals :)
Brayden's favorite is by far the chicks. He loves holding them up to his face and telling them how cute they are
My personal faves are the baby pigs. How cute is he?!?
I thought about deleting this picture. Then I kept it. Because this basically tells how Connor is these days. CONSTANT. MOVEMENT. Drew had Connor duty most of the night, because I just couldn't keep up.
they serve a free dinner of cornbread and beans. Brayden ate the entire bowl!
They have a fake cow set up for the boys to milk. Both of them really enjoyed milking the cow.
I love that Brayden is at the age where I can ask what his favorite thing to do was. So when we pulled out and he said that he had so much fun, I asked what his favorite part of farm friends was, and he quickly replied "the lasso!" Maybe we have a future roper on our hands!
To read about our past trips, click on the links below:
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby Showers and Sickness.

We had great big plans for this weekend, that came tumbling down Thursday night when I fell ill and then realized that Tyler wasn't moving as much as normal. It was a bit of a scare to say the least, but thankfully everything checked out fine (they monitored me in L&D just to make sure his heart rate and everything looked good). I came home feeling like death and not getting much sleep. I figured Friday would be an epic day of whining and feeling terrible, but I am married to an awesome man. Drew recognized my great need for rest, worked from home, and juggled all household duties. He's awesome.

Saturday I actually woke up feeling normal again, which was a good thing because we had a t-ball game to make and a baby shower to attend. Problem was, it was pouring down raining. Never have I seen such a sad little boy, when Brayden was told that he wouldn't have a game. Bless his little heart. I felt sad for him!

I headed off to my baby shower later Saturday morning. My friends Jenna, Katie, Candice and Cari all helped throw the cutest natural outdoors themed shower ever. I told them to not go over the top, and they did such a good job keeping everything simple, but putting cute little touches here and there to make it feel so special too!
Jenna made the punch (it's the red one) and I am pretty sure I had about 4 mason jars full! It was SO good!
Yes, the food was as delicious as it looked! Jenna has a lot of the recipes on her blog if you are interested :)
S'more cupcakes! Genius! And I need to come clean with the fact that I didn't get their correlation to the "outdoors" shower theme until later Saturday night when I was looking at them again. haha!
Cari, Candice, Me, Katie & Jenna. I am so blessed with such great friends!
Steph and Courtney are two of my very best friends for life; We've been friends since the 9th grade! They were so sweet to drive all the way from Little Rock to come to my shower!
My friend Whitney drove almost an hour and a half with her 2 week old! Seriously yall, I have the best friends ever... who drives that far with a newborn just for a baby shower???!!! And yes, I did say 2 week old (doesn't Whitney look amazing?!).
shower favors were these amazing sugar cookies that my friend Cari made. I had to refrain from eating two.

Saturday night I started feeling awful again. I swore I was coming down with strep throat, but by mid Sunday morning, my sore throat was replaced with the worst sinus pressure I have ever experienced. So while my boys went to church, I went to the walk-in clinic. I'm all stocked up on antibiotics and a steroid nasal spray. Praying that it all kicks in fast, as it's hard for me to do anything right now without feeling like my head may explode.

Hope everyone has a great week! I've got a mile long to-do list that I'm hoping to knock out. Gotta get those nesting urges in order :) And don't worry, I do realize I still haven't put up pictures from my sisters wedding. That should happen this week too :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Better Together Than Apart {Love and Marriage Series}

 Be sure to check out the posts by Jenna, Mandy, Shay, Jenn and Megan today too!

My previous posts in this series:
An Intro to Us
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 On Staying Connected as a Couple

With this week being an open topic, I have struggled with what to write (procrastinating till the night before doesn't help either). I thought about sharing some of our favorite marriage books, but honestly, I can do that in about one sentence (if you're needing a good book on marriage, we recommend Love and Respect or Sacred Marriage). I could tell you to speak each others love language, because if you don't, you won't make sense to your spouse (For help on this, I've heard the Five Love Languages is a great help. It's on our "to-read" list). But when Drew and I sat down last night and hit some ideas back and forth, we decided that the most important thing to close on was not a laundry list of things we've read or done to help our marriage. Truth is, I have more "what not to do's" than "to-do's".

It’s no secret that marriage is hard work. Like, REALLY hard work. But if you get to the starting line of marriage with no compass or direction, it’s easy to fall astray into the thinking that a good marriage will somehow fall into place if you just do life. The problem with that thinking is that it doesn’t take into account the daggars the enemy throws our way. Marriage is Satans greatest enemy. He wants us to stumble and fall, to get mad at our spouse because they didn’t take out the trash right or didn’t hang up their clothes when asked. This is why it's so important to be intentional about marriage (and I would add parenting too, for we all know that a good, solid kid does not happen by coincidence).

 Stormie Omartian has some great resources for prayer if you're not sure where to start on praying for your spouse. I tend to pray for Drew when I'm getting ready in the morning. I feel like prayer helps us be intentional with our thoughts about our spouse, and helps us empower them to be all they can be, both in our marriage and outside of it. I already touched on praying with your spouse in last weeks post, which you can read HERE.
 I've had to learn this one a little, as I'm not the dreamer in our relationship (can I just say, nothing freaks a realist out more than the dreams that a dreamer can throw out?! I've adjust for the most part now, but when we first got married, I would have full on panic attacks with some of the ideas Drew would tell me he had... ha!). Drew and I do dream on occasion. We talk about where we want to be in "x" amount of years. What will we be doing? Where do we want to be financially? Spiritually? As parents? I can honestly say that this is probably one of my favorite parts of marriage, is having someone to dream with and create ideas with. Never stop dreaming with your spouse.
 If ever there was a point I could scream THISSSSSSSSSSSS, this one would be it. And when I say "older", I say that term loosely. Some of the greatest advice I receive is from people who are just 1 step ahead of us. For the past 2 years we've been involved with a small group at church that is of all stages of life. It was the first time for us to experience a group that wasn't all our age and I have LOVED it. There's just something invaluable about having another couple to bounce ideas and frustrations off of. I would also add to this point that I have enjoyed getting to know older women outside of their marriage as well. Mentoring really is a great tool to marriage, and life in general. Never be too proud to ask someone for advice. Most people who have blazed a trail ahead of you are more than willing to lend a helping hand to those behind them. You need only ask. (Drew also wanted me to add that being in accountability group really helps keep you focused on being intentional not only in marriage, but in life. This is a big passion of Drews and we both feel like there's a huge need for individuals and for couples to quit withdrawing and to engage with others.)

This is similar to the above point, but after hearing it repeated at my sisters wedding this past weekend, I can't help but put it on this list. The pastor who married my sister said to be hospitable. Because when other people come into your home, it's hard to hide your true self. Invite people into your lives. Allow others to see how you operate as a couple.

I'm sure there are other ways that you can use to be intentional, and I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on how you are intentional with your marriage and/or in life. One of the keys that keeps me grounded is something I learned when I read Sacred Marriage many years ago: Marriage is not meant to make us happy, but to make us holy. When we go into a relationship looking for happiness, we will always be disappointed. Instead, we should chose to see that despite our spouses failures (or perhaps in light of them), mistakes and hang ups, that the end result of it all is not for us to find happiness or discontentment from it, but to be transformed into something far greater than we could ever be than if walked life alone. Drew's not perfect. He has a lot of quirks and sillies that sometimes agitate the fire out of me (and don't worry... I'm grounded enough to know he can say the same about me!). But with Drew, I am a far better person than I am apart from him. He is the one who God has made to make me more like Him. And that, my friends, is worth being intentional about. And definitely worth fighting for.

Have a piece of marriage advice that you'd like to share? Feel free to link up with us!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Interview with Brayden {age Four}.

This is my third time to do this interview with Brayden in about a year and a half (you can view the first one here and the second one here). It's amazing how much Brayden has developed in just that short of a time span. I just love his little personality!
What is your name? Brayden (sounds like Beyden when he says it)
How old are you? Four. 
When did you turn Four? In seven years ago, I turned four. In April.

What is your favorite color? Red and Gray. And white too.

Who is your best friend? Paige and Avery. 
What is your favorite animal? A crocodile.
What do you want to be when you grow-up? A golf player.
What is your favorite Movie? Monsters Inc and Toy Story (the red one-- which means Toy Story 2).
What is your favorite book? Wild Things (Where the Wild Things Are)
What makes you happy? Playing golf.
What makes you sad? When Connor bites me.
What is your favorite food to eat? The mac and cheese in the blue box. 
What is your favorite song to sing? My God is So Big So Strong and So Mighty, and Our God is an Awesome God.
What games do you like to play? baseball, soccer ball, golfball, tennis ball and raquetball.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

34 weeks {a pregnancy update}.

How Far Along: 34 weeks, 2 days
Size of baby: almost 18 inches long, and almost 5 pounds. About the size of a cantelope.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: (as of 4/17/13) 28 pounds.
 Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes. And nothing fits right.
Gender: BOY! Tyler Paul.
Movement: He moves, and he moves hard. My ribs and the organs under my sternum are dying. During the 11 hr car trip home on Sunday, he kept pushing his little bottom up under my ribs. I thought I might cry the whole way home.
Sleep: I've slept OK. Let's be honest though-- having to get up every 2 hours to pee really does a number on the whole "sleeping well" thing. 
Symptoms: I've really started swelling at night. It's always worse after I eat pizza, which is such a bummer since that's my go-to meal of choice on the t-ball nights or nights that I feel like I can't move another muscle to cook.
What I miss: At this point, I'm not even sure what I miss. In some ways I have bemoaned how I have felt over the past week. And then Drew looked at me today and said "you do realize that in a few weeks you will probably tell me how much you miss being pregnant, right?" Well played, husband. Well played.
Cravings: I crave sweets. A LOT.
Food Aversions: Not sure you can call it an aversion, but considering pizza makes my legs blow up and have cankles, I'm going to say that I will probably avert from that for the foreseeable future.
Best Moment this week: My little sister got married!!! It was a beautiful day for a wedding, and I can't wait to share all of the pictures (I have to sift through about 500 of them, so it may take a few days) that I got while we were down in Louisiana. It was a really quick trip, and it has left all of us a bit wiped out, so I am praying for a quick bounce back, as we've now got to gear up for baby Tyler's arrival!
What I am looking forward to: Now that most of our commitments for spring are out of the way, I'm really looking forward to focusing on getting things ready for Tyler. We have 2 showers this week, and then I am starting to make my to-do list to check off before his arrival! I honestly can't believe I'm already almost to term. This pregnancy has FLOWN by.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hey Mom! Look at Me!

On Sunday I had my camera out trying to capture a few shots of the cousins before my sister Megan left again. Out of the blue, Connor said, "Hey Mom! Look at me!" And started posing for me so I could take his picture. I love this sweet boy!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On Staying Connected as a Couple {Love and Marriage Series}

It's Wednesday, which means that it's time again for another post in our Love and Marriage series! If you have missed either of the other posts I've written, you can check them out my first post HERE and my second post HERE. I don't know about you, but I have loved reading everyone's stories. It's so refreshing knowing that even though we have all had our fair share of trials and struggles, we can still have marriages that are worth fighting for. Be sure to check out the other bloggers that I'm collaborating with in this series:  Jenna from Jenna's Journey, Mandy from House of Rose, Shay from Mix and Match Mama, Jenn from Knee Deep In Munchkinland, and Megan from In This Wonderful Life.

This week we're talking about how we keep our marriages a priority.  Drew and I kind of laughed when we started talking this week. We were really good about doing things together and making us a priority before we had kids. Truth is, we're just in a very consuming phase of life right now with our boys. Life is good, but it's wearing, and by the time 8pm rolls around and we've completed our daily duties of chaos control, both of us are in near comatose states. Friends of ours who have older kids assure us that it won't last forever, and I am clinging with white knuckles to their assurances. I thought I'd bullet point a few things that Drew and I both agreed have helped us stay close, even when life gets a bit hectic.

1. Dates/Time Away
 We both agreed that this was our number one thing. We don't make the time to do this near enough as we should. Sometimes we have "home dates", but I have a problem with unwinding during those. For a long time I was never able to articulate to Drew why home dates just never felt the same as going out to dinner with him. And then it hit me. It'd be like me asking him to go on a date and us ending up at his office. There's no way he'd be able to focus completely on just us with work sitting all around him, which is exactly how I feel sometimes when we try to watch a movie or just sit and eat dinner in peace together. It's so hard for me to disconnect from all of the things on my "to-do" list around the house, that sometimes it's necessary for me to completely leave the house altogether in order to decompress and reconnect with Drew.

We also agreed that time away has always been really good for us in reconnecting. Before we got married, my mom gave us a great piece of advice, which was to make sure we got away on trips just the two of us before we had kids. If you don't have kids, I would highly recommend traveling before you have them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boys. But I will ALWAYS be a mom now. I'm so grateful for the trips we took as a couple before we had kids. We were able to relax and have fun together and just be us. Those are definitely some of our most cherished memories as a couple and I don't think either of us regret spending that money on that time alone with just us.
2. Family Time
If you've read my blog for long, you know that the weekends at our home are sacred. We're almost always together as a family, and if it's even remotely nice outside, we're doing something outside together. I'm not sure this is completely a marriage point, but I think that it definitely bonds our family together and is so important to both Drew and I that we stay strong not only as a couple, but as a family. I think we're definitely proving true the saying "the family that plays together, stays together."
3. Church/Classes
Drew and I have always made it a priority to go to church together. There's just something special about worshiping the Lord together that I can't put to words. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our church family, and feel so blessed to be a part of an equipping church. Our church offers a lot of classes for marriage/parenting. They're free and also provide childcare (most of the time). We have loved taking the classes. Even if they are on parenting, it opens up a lot of communication lines for us that might have otherwise gone untapped. I will probably touch on more of this next week, so I will not go much deeper than that today :)
4. Praying Together
As much as I'd love to sit here and tell you that we are the model couple for praying together every night.... we're not. And it's probably my fault way more than it is Drew's that this doesn't happen more regularly in our relationship. I just go and go and go during the day, and when I'm ready to go to sleep, I GO TO SLEEP. Like, my head hits the pillow and I am OUT. The times that we have been more consistent in doing this, we definitely have felt closer and less volatile as a couple. My counselor gave us a great illustration about prayer in marriage and basically said that prayer is the arsenal on an army base. When the army base is stateside (in a calm and nonvolatile area), the weapons arsenal doesn't seem as necessary as when the army base is overseas in a war zone. Translation: When things are going great, prayer may not seem to be much of a need for your marriage. But when you are surrounded by trials and stresses of life, the enemy uses those things to break your relationships apart. Prayer is the weapon against those breaks and rifts.

Do you have some ways that you and your spouse stay connected? We'd love if you'd link up and share some of your ideas!

On Using Hot Rollers.

BlogHer asked me to watch this video tutorial on hot rollers and share it with my readers. This is a compensated post.

Oh yes. We're going there. Because I want to, and I figured if I actually learned something from this tutorial, you might too.

Hot Rollers is actually my FAVORITE way to curl my hair. I get kind of flustered with a curling iron (although the last video I posted helped with some of my "issues" that I have usually). I wasn't sure I'd learn anything new, but I actually did! First off, I always separate my hair from top and bottom and then go from side to side (if that makes sense). I like how Judy Time started at the top of her head and then worked her way around. Seemed a lot more simple. I also really liked how she started at the middle of the hair and then wrapped it around the roller. I've always just started at the tip of the hair and then rolled the roller down to my scalp, but that sometimes makes me lose pieces of hair... and I hate having that ONE piece of hair that doesn't get curled.

I'd love it if you'd check out the video too (and if you watch the video and answer the question at the end of the clip, you can enter for a chance to win $100, $250 or more!). Do you use hot rollers too? Any other tips that may help me out (you know, on those days that I get time to roll my hair).

For more information regarding the sweepstakes contest: 
Prizes & Promotions page on Blogher.com: https://www.blogher.com/blogher-tv-weekly-hair-style-sweepstakes
Sweeps Rules (4/17-4/23): http://www.blogher.com/hair-sweepstakes-official-rules-week-5

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

33 Weeks {a pregnancy update}.

(not really sure why this picture is so fuzzy, or why I look like I'm hungover. I didn't realize it looked like this till I uploaded it, and I'm not sure I'll get another chance to take a picture today so this is what we've got to work with.)
How Far Along: 33 weeks, 4 days
Size of baby: 19-22 inches long, 4.9 lbs, about the size of a Pineapple (I really think he is LONG because I am getting kicks in places in my organs and ribs that I never got with either of my other boys).
Total Weight Gain/Loss: (as of 4/5/13) 27 pounds.
 Maternity Clothes: Maternity clothes for pretty much everything, although even maternity clothes don't really fit right.
Gender: BOY! Tyler Paul.
Movement: The boy MOVES. Almost as much, or maybe even more, than Brayden. Which scares me a little :)
Sleep: I've slept ok, other than having to wake up atleast 3 times a night to go to the bathroom. And my dreams have been CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY. 
Symptoms: I have most of the symptoms listed in the books that accompany the third trimester. The only new thing for me during this pregnancy is the slight swelling I'm getting. It's only later in the day, and only on days when I overdo it and/or eat lots of salt. So I'm trying to watch both
What I miss: I miss being able to keep up with my boys. It's so frustrating not being able to bend over, run after and play with them in the way I normally would.
Cravings: Pretty much anything. Although I'm to the point that if I eat even one bite more than I should, I get heartburn, and that makes eating no fun at all. 
Food Aversions: nada.
Best Moment this week: Just making it through another week is a moment worth celebrating right now. ha!
What I am looking forward to: Definitely looking forward to my sisters wedding that's coming up! And if you've read my blog for a while, you'll know this is my SECOND wedding that I've been 34 weeks pregnant in. Apparently when I get pregnant, my sisters get married :)

Preschooler Summer Fashion {A Gymboree Review}.

***Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.***

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Gymboree and asked if I might be interested in trying out a few items from their new summer line of boys clothes. I didn't have to think long on that one, as we're big fans of Gymboree clothes in our house!

Last week I headed to the store and after 45 minutes of contemplating over all of the cute stuff, I came home with two outfits for the boys (and one for Tyler, because we can't forget the new guy!). Here's Tyler's onesie:
How cute are the little embroidered turtles?!?

Moving on to the big boy's outfits....

I am in love with the woven shorts that Gymboree offers. Mainly because of the cotton elastic waistband. You'll see why in a minute....
The boys were SO excited to get new outfits. I have to admit... trying to get either of my boys to wear anything other than t-shirts and basketball shorts is a C-H-O-R-E, so I was kind of worried that what I had picked out for them would be super cute, but not something that they would WANT to wear.

Thankfully I was wrong.
After the boys wore these shorts all day, I realized that perhaps the reason they prefer basketball shorts so much is because they are SO easy for them to get on and off. It makes total sense. Thankfully the woven shorts from Gymboree offer the functionality of an elastic waistband, but they do it in such a way that it actually looks cute too. I'm kind of picky when it comes to shorts and don't normally like elastic waists unless they are gym shorts. Thankfully I actually liked the waistband of these shorts a lot... and obviously the boys did too! And it's always nice when they get complimented on their outfits, which they did on this day when we went out for Brayden's birthday lunch.
For their shirts I decided to just go with simple t-shirts. I wanted something that was cute, and that was comfortable enough that they could play and romp around outside without fearing that it was going to ruin a "nice" outfit. I love that Gymboree offers a wide variety of t-shirts that are not only kid-friendly, but also cute enough that mom can approve of too! And the added bonus is that in my previous experience, Gymboree clothes holds up SO well over time, that I'm sure that these outfits will get lots of use since we're about to have 3 boys in the family.
Thank you Gymboree, for giving us the opportunity to try out your new summer line! We're fans for sure!

In exchange for this review, Gymboree provided me with store credit to purchase the clothing you see here. No other compensation was provided. All words and opinions are my own. To view my complete disclosure policy, click HERE.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mudbug Madness.

For the past year Drew has been dreaming up a family crawfish boil. It finally came to fruition this weekend, and I'm pretty sure it was everything he dreamed it would be, plus some.
the boys were both so excited to help clean off the crawfish
Uncle Paul and Drew freed one of the crawfish and let the boys play with him. Bless his heart, I'm not sure he was very excited about his new freedom.
The weather was sketchy at first, which was a little disappointing considering we had already rescheduled for a bad weather weekend previously (that ended up being good weather). The clouds cleared out shortly after the first pot of mudbugs were dumped, and we all sat and ate for several hours.
the men, hard at work.
round one (we had six rounds!)
Sarah and Zoe (how cute is Zoe's little cheese smile?!)
the boys said they were cold, so Sophie and Hannah went inside to hang out (yes, B is wearing PJs. I can't keep him out of them for longer than 2 hour stints).
Everyone enjoying the food.
This is the crawfish we gave clemency to. His name is Charlie. :)
This crawfish somehow got embedded in the lemon during cooking. We called it the turtle crawfish :)

Sunday Megan had to say good-bye after a week long visit. It made it easier saying good bye since we'll see each other soon at my other sisters wedding. We already miss her and Zoe; Connor's walked around all day saying "where's Aunt Medan and ZoZo???" We love you Aunt Megan!

Right before we left for church today Brayden asked me to take some pictures of him outside. I grabbed my camera and this is what he did. The boy is crazy. haha!

We have a CRAZY busy week in store. I'm on a bit of overload right now, so I'm just praying to make it through unscathed. Hope yall have a good week!

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