Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Release Day!

Today is July 19th. Probably not that important of a date to some, but to our family, it's an exciting day! Back in November, I was convinced by a good friend to send in a picture I had taken of Brayden to Dayspring Greeting cards. I really was reluctant, probably because I just don't really believe that my photography is all that great. But I sent it in with nothing to lose, and was surprised to find out 3 weeks later that they wanted to purchase my picture to use on a greeting card. Supposedly, today is release day, so we'll be searching Christian greeting card stores looking for THE card. If you live near me, you might not be able to find a copy because I plan on purchasing a TON of them :) So hooray for release day, and for my famous scrunchy faced boy!
 PS-- if you go out searching for it, I do know that original plans were for the card to be a 'praying for you card' (I know, not the category I would've thought with this face), and the picture is cropped to just include most of his face, not the full picture. Dayspring is a Christian greeting card company, and generally they are sold at Hobby Lobby and Christian book stores. It is also a subsidiary of Hallmark, so I guess there's a chance it could be at a Hallmark store.

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