Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My favorite thing

I am not going to lie... the beginning of this pregnancy was hard for me. I had 2 scary episodes that brought me to the doctor, and thankfully they were just some minor complications that required rest. I had 3 pretty bad weeks of nausea, vomitting and stomach bug, followed by the reoccurance of these nasty symptoms. Then there was the whole "is she fat or is she pregant" phase. I think my lowest point in this phase was at Buffalo Wild Wings while we were watching the Ole Miss vs. Arkansas game. I had ventured into the bathroom for my 6th potty visit of the night (yeah, turns out that you not only become best friends with the pot because you puke, but also because you become a world champion peeer), and on 3 occasions, there were women in the bathroom who I rest assured were not pregnant (come on peeps, I saw them at the bar!), and pretty sure that their beer guts resembled my growing baby bump quite nicely. I got back to the table and informed Drew I was officially depressed. I have also decided that God gives pregnant women constipation to gear up for getting excited when our kids poop on the potty. If you ever see a pregnant woman, I am sure that most would be excited to tell you IF they had pooped that day. I mean, on top of already feeling bloated and huge, you then have 4 days of crap (literally) in your system. It's enough to make you wish you could go back 4 weeks before to the morning sickness so atleast something is coming out of your body. I digress on some of my not-so-fun pregnancy moments.

Now that I am growing a nice sized beach ball (I like to say I am beach-ballin' it), even though the bigness is uncomfortable, I atleast know that most normal people can look at me and pretty much know I am pregnant. Brayden has been moving around for a few weeks now, but this past week his movement has become more pronounced and strong. It's one of my favorite things-- eating my meal, and then about 20 minutes later feeling the kicks, punches and sommersaults that ensue. Babies are such a miracle, and God is so great. To know that this little life is inside of me and that God is forming his every little part is just incredible, awe inspiring and truly humbling. It has to be one of my most favorite things.

PS-- while typing this post, I literally just had a tidal wave across my belly-- apparently my son also has telepathy, and knows that I am typing about him. It just made me laugh :)

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