My Family

Drew, my energetic, outgoing, country-lovin', multi-talented handyman, outdoorsman, ultra-social, God fearing husband. We met in the fall of  my freshman year in college, and started dating the next spring. We dated for 2 years, were engaged for 1 year, and just recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary. We have endured 2 deployments, and in May of 2009 Drew completed his 8 years of service to the Army National Guard. Our marriage is far from perfect, yet I am thankful that God has allowed me to be married to my best friend. I couldn't imagine being teamed up with anyone else to experience the highs and lows that life throws my way.

Brayden, our first born son, born in April 2009. He's also known as B-man, the B-manator, Bubby, Buddy and B. He is high energy, super inquisitive and loves just about any sport he's heard of. We are amazed how quickly he picks up on things, and are so grateful for God's grace in allowing us to be his parents. Brayden is also a little bit famous; in 2010 I sold a picture of B to Dayspring Greeting Cards. It's currently still in circulation, and you can find it at most Christian Bookstores.

Connor, our second son, born November 2010. He was a bit of a surprise, but we are so grateful that God has shown favor on our family and thought that we were ready to raise another little soul. Connor is laid back, giggly, talkative and an all around happy preschooler. He is our cuddler, lover of everyone he meets, and surprisingly social and talkative for his age. We are so blessed to be able to call him son, and can't imagine life without our little man!

Tyler, baby #3, born in May 2013. Tyler is better known as Ty around these parts. He is such a joy, although he has made quite an entrance into his toddler years, always keeping me on my toes with his exceptional climbing abilities. Tyler is generally happy, and loves to make everyone laugh. He's definitely the class clown of the family, and we love him so!

Toby, our vivacious, energetic 9 year old Cairn Terrier, who has the heart of a lion and the body of a mouse. Toby is our first 'baby',  and is still coping with the fact of that there are new little humans invading our home. He takes it with great patience though, and even though he sighs a lot more these days, I know he loves the boys with all his doggie heart (especially at dinnertime, where he's sure to find enough food laying on the floor for an entire army of dogs).

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