Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eventful weekend

This weekend has been really productive. Saturday we registered at both Target and Walmart. It was eventful, and Drew was enlightened as to how much stuff a baby really needs. We actually agreed on everything, which was a stark contrast to our registration during our engagement. After registering we ate lunch at McAlisters, and then ventured over to a closeout furniture place we've been watching for a rocker/recliner for Brayden's nursery. A recliner was there we liked, and in our price range, so Drew decided we'd get that too! After bringing that home, the Allen's came over to help move the recliner in, and were kind enough to lend an eye on how to lay out the nursery (I mean, we're working with a 10x10 room here people, so things have to be just right or it just doesn't fit!). As a finishing touch, Drew and I purchased a little cross to hang on Brayden's closet.

Today, we went to Linen's and Things to see if they would have any drapes for the nursery. The nursery gets a lot of afternoon sun, which will be counter productive to naptime, so we needed something that was lined, and preferably the kind that keep the heat/cold out. Thankfully there was 1 set left of the navy drapes, and they were 40% off! What a blessing! We still need to get a rod, but we can pick that up from Wal-mart or Target for pretty cheap. I am so glad the nursery is finally starting to come together!

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