Sunday, January 4, 2009

25.5 weeks... finally able to come out of the closet :)

I have been nagged for weeks for the infamous belly shots. I have secretly shared these shots with only my mom and 1 or 2 others because, quite frankly, you feel like you're sending reverse Jenny Craig pictures. It's like proclaiming "just look at how much bigger I am than the last time you saw my holding my stomach awkwardly and trying not to look too incredibly cheesy!" The truth is though, that I really have enjoyed the past weeks of pregnancy. I am nice and round, Brayden kicks all of the time, and little old ladies get really excited about my impending due date. I guess this is the "honeymoon" phase of pregnancy they all talk about. I see the end of this time nearing though, as I continue to become more and more uncomfortable at night, barely able to eat a peanut without feeling as if my skin might burst at any moment, and starting to tire out more easily at daily tasks. It's hard to believe he'll be here in a little more than 3 months. I get more and more excited as the time nears, but know not to rush anything because you always wish you would have cherrished the moments passed. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year... I'll post about our travels later!

PS-- Christy and Mare, I hope you are both smiling, as you both were the ones who were BEGGING to see my stomach :)

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