Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day from You Know Where

Today, this morning rather, seems blog worthy, if only to chronicle the sudden down turn of events so that maybe once day I may look back and laugh (or sigh with what I lived through). It started out like any normal day, and I got a wild hair up my sleeve to surprise Drew at work. He's been having really hard days there lately and I thought that we could bring a smile to his face. Ofcourse, we did and he was surprised. He walked us out to the car, and was putting B in his carseat when I noticed my back tire almost flat with the ground. GREAT. Drew had a conference call at 11:30, so he had about 15 minutes to change the tire. He stripped down to his undershirt, got to work and I held B. I get on my way to Sam's (thankfully I was already heading there) with my donut tire in tow (which was also low). They tell me that it's going to be about 2- 2.5 hours. Ah, nice. I didn't pack my cover for nursing, didn't have a bottle. I found a tv situated in front of a sectional couch, perched myself up with my diet coke, diaper bag & stroller and rocked B until he fell asleep (or whatever form of sleep it was, since Sams might be the best lit place in all of America). He only fussed while I was eating, but that was quickly stopped when I got him out to hold him (I successfully ate 2 pieces of pizza with 1 hand... not an easy feat!). After 2 hours, I was told they were unable to repair my flat; apparently I got a nail head in it. The tires I currently have on my car are special order, and it was going to take 6 DAYS to get them in. 6 DAYS on a donut tire. I can't get a hold of Drew so I start freaking out mentally thinking : I have guests coming in this weekend, I have procrastinated shopping and cooking for those guests, and now I have no transportation. AMAZING. I pack up B and head back home, driving 50 MPH on the interstate and watching EVERYONE pass me by. Do you know how utterly embarassing AND frustrating it is to drive that slow on the interstate? Thankfully B slept the whole way home. B was supposed to eat at 1; he wasn't able to eat until we got home at 2. Did I mention he was an angel baby? Thank you Lord for protecting me from a SCREAMING child. I just don't know if I could have brought myself to squat in a stall at Sams Club trying to breast feed. The thought brings my to near tears.
Thankfully God has also blessed me with an amazing husband (we did have a bit of a spat for my angry outburst at not being able to get a hold of him in a desperate situation, but we have resolved the issue) and he came home to get the tires fixed TODAY. We got online and noticed that there is a BETTER tire for a CHEAPER price that was at another Sam's in the area with only an hour wait. So here I sit, completely EXHAUSTED from my morning/early afternoon, my husband is amazingly on his way to get the tires fixed and the rest of my errands ran so I don't have to disrupt B's day anymore. Now please, I know that just reading this has made your head hurt, your heels ache and your body tired, so let's all go take a nap and get some rest. For grins and giggles, I'll post the latest pic of B in his newly purchased garage sale outfit. Have I mentioned how much I love garage sales for kids clothes?

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