Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rolling Up Fall.

I realize we're into November and well on our way towards Thanksgiving, but there were a few loose ends from October I wanted to wrap up.
We kept with our annual tradition of carving a pumpkin. The boys were so excited about it this year. It's so fun to watch them anticipate some of the traditions we have started as a family.
Tyler saw the inside of the pumpkin and declared "EWWWW!" and wouldn't touch it. Hilarious!
The finished product. They decided to do something simple.
Brayden finished flag football last week. It was a very fun year, and Brayden's patience and determination throughout the season paid off, as he was put in at running back during the last game and scored his very first touchdown. He was SO excited (and so were we!). If ever there was a time I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera, that was it.

We had a blast trick-r-treating this year. My older two were obviously excited. I was a bit surprised how much Tyler caught on. He didn't complain at all for wearing his lobster costume (he won the night with it, y'all!). Ty refused to ride in the wagon, so we were left pulling the wagon behind the independent lobster and his blue jack-o-lantern candy bucket. He acted as if he's done this before, and walked up to the doors, knocked and then said his version of trick-r-treat and waited for the candy (he sometimes snuck into the people's houses. Apparently that's a gene found in all of my boys. I'm sorry neighbors).
This little lobster refused to ride in the wagon (or stand still for pictures). He also is a huge fan of suckers, and walking into peoples houses.
Connor refused most pictures on Halloween day, so I'm posting a picture I took of the boys earlier in October so that we can all remember how awesome sir Dash Incredible (aka Connor) looked getting candy on October 31.

The boys got to play in leaves this year, thanks to Drew bringing some home for the garden. I kind of cringe with the whole leaf playing thing. It's fun for them, but the allergies afterward are a beast.

For the record, I'm still resisting the change in seasons. We have frigid temps headed our way next week, and it's taking every ounce of self control in me not to break down crying. I do love the holidays though, so I'm trying to embrace the silver lining. Here's to rolling up fall and rolling into Thanksgiving food, Christmas parties and Holiday traditions. Hope y'all have a great week!

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