Sunday, January 4, 2015

Monkeys, Tigers & Bears

Happy 2015! We're off to a decent start for the new year, and I'm even on day 2 of a new diet plan (whole 30) and haven't hurt anyone yet, so I feel like we're winning for the most part.

I thought I'd wrap up our last big event of 2014... a trip to the zoo.

When we had originally planned on going to Louisiana, the zoo was at the top of my list. The boys have only been to 2 zoos and they LOVE it and are constantly asking me when we can go back. Unfortunately, we don't really have a decent zoo close by, so whenever we travel to see my parents, I always try to sneak in some type of zoo/aquarium trip. Because my mom was sick, we had to rearrange our week, and since the zoo day fell on the day before we left Baton Rouge, we decided it'd be best if we just stuck to the Baton Rouge zoo. I was a little disappointed to not introduce the boys to the Audubon zoo, but realized that no one would be happy by the end of the day if we attempted it. Thankfully the Baton Rouge zoo didn't disappoint and was perfect for the phase of life that my kids are in right now.

When we first walked into the zoo the monkeys were going CRAZY. Tyler thought it was hilarious and would not quit smiling/laughing.
The next exhibit was the Tigers. Again, sheer glee from Tyler Paul. We even saw some Tiger cubs that were playing, and they kept running right up to the glass. The boys all thought it was awesome.
Gigi and Tyler, all caged up to be shipped off to the zoo!
Bless this poor peacock's heart. I hope it didn't go into cardiac arrest.
Tyler walked nearly the entire zoo trip. He did SO well, and watching him conquer the walking made me glad we stuck closer to home. He wouldn't have survived walking the Audubon.
Both of the bigger boys took turns pretending to be monkeys. Although, I'm not really sure why they were "pretending"... they're both closer to monkey than anything else! ha!
Connor loved the petting zoo the most out of the three boys.
we ended the trip with a ride on the train. Tyler was enchanted (he is OBSESSED with trains right now... I feel like it's a right of passage for almost 2 year old boys, as all of my boys have gone thru the Thomas phase around the two year old stage).
Connor wanted to ride on a bench all by himself. The need to feel big and grown up is real at 4 years old.

I was so grateful the weather held off the entire time we at the zoo and that it was relatively empty, which gave my boys more freedom to run around and not have a mom fearful of them getting lost in a crowd. It was the perfect ending to a pretty perfect trip, and a great way to end the year with fun memories.

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