Monday, April 20, 2015

Good Weather and Birthday Shenanigans.

I feel like I'm having an out of body experience, as this is the third post in a row where I am actually blogging within an acceptable time frame post-events. AND the post has pictures from the big girl camera, which seems like a rarity these days. It's like you're getting a double bonus and you didn't even ask for it ;)

The weather this past weekend was iffy on the forecast, but we were given glimpses into perfection, of which we took full advantage of. Drew's mom came up for a short visit on Friday, and the boys thoroughly enjoyed showing their Mamaw around some of the local trails. The weather was absolutely gorgeous while we were out. 15 minutes after we pulled into the driveway, the worst hail storm I had seen since we've lived in our new home swept through the area and about gave me a heart attack that we were going to have to replace our roof. Although, given the choice between hail and tornadoes, I'll pick hail.
Tyler was clearly excited about picture taking.
we decided after this was taken that candid will have to be what we go to with Ty.
the ragweed is blooming. It's pretty, and does a pretty number on all of our allergies.
the boys were ALL OVER THE PLACE at the park we went to. And we realized that us avoiding the fights with Tyler and allowing him to wear flip flops to the trails was not our best parenting decision.
might be my new favorite picture.

Saturday we were supposed to have soccer, but that got canceled, so the boys spent most of the morning playing games and coloring with Drew's mom while Drew and I got things ready for Brayden's birthday party. It was a semi-lazy morning, which was an unexpected blessing given the fact that our schedule this month hasn't allowed for much laziness. Drew's dad came up for the day too, so the boys were pretty spoiled with lots of attention.

Saturday afternoon we celebrated Brayden's birthday with a few of his closest friends. Brayden was insistent it was a BOYS ONLY party, so we kept it simple and small. We had originally planned to have an indoor swimming party, but I didn't like our chances of having a swimming party rained out (they close it during thunderstorms even though it is indoors), so we switched plans at the last minute and had the party at a local place that's similar to Chuck-E-Cheese. Brayden loved it, the boys all had fun and everyone went home wiped out. It was a good day for celebrating six years of this boy!

We're back off to a busy start to the week. I finished my last day of volunteer work at Brayden's school today. It is surreal to me that we are about to wrap up our first year of Elementary school and usher in summer. Here's to hoping Spring spreads just a little farther for all of us....

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