Monday, October 27, 2008

New Found Respect

I have come to find that there are a myriad of emotions that overcome you when pregnant. Ecstasy, joy, concern, pure fear, the list could go on and on and on, and you might even feel every single emotion in the span of one day. It truly is a weird and awe inspiring journey. One of my most recent emotions (if I can call it that) is that of an even deeper respect than I already had of my mom. It's very similar to what you feel like when you come through that dark forest known as the teen years, and you realize what a complete idiot you have been to your parents, that they truly have been right all these years (perhaps you are not there yet... believe me, there will come a time when this happens, and you feel like the biggest dufus in all of history). So mom, thanks for everything you've done in my life but right now I have a new found respect for you:
  • bowing before the great white toilet throne with the worst vomitting one could ever experience
  • feeling sea sick for weeks on end, and having to listen to everyone's remedies (which usually don't work)
  • being touched by complete, or almost complete strangers, and hearing the constant "the pregnant lady said" comment
  • feeling like a stranger in your own skin
  • dealing with horrible gastrointestinal problems with no way to truly fix it
  • falling asleep at 7 pm because your body just won't let you stay awake any longer
  • do I really need to keep going.......
She put up with all of that for me... and then once I arrived, I caused her grief throughout my years. It's a wonder she hasn't killed me yet :) Thanks mom--- you're the greatest!

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