Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Connor is 3!


3 years ago, my life changed forever when I heard the cries of a 7 pound 14 ounce baby boy. Before that moment I had doubted that I was ready to be a mom of two babies. But the moment I heard his cry, I knew.

I knew that Gods timing was once again perfect. That our family NEEDED Connor Andrew in it. That somehow this dark spikey haired babe would complete us in ways we never thought possible.


We're in the throws of the terrible threes. Historically, this has been a hard time for me as a mom. I'm thankful that this time around I have the perspective that there's light at the end of the dark tunnel of three year old tantrums. I'm also thankful that with that perspective comes a unique ability to soak in the preciousness that is this stage. While we do battle quite regularly, Connor somehow finds a way to sweep me off my feet on a daily basis. There's really nothing like hearing "mom, you're my best friend" from a tiny little voice piping up from the back seat.
(picture credit: Bethany Blair Photography)

Other things I want to remember about this stage:
- He has trouble with his combination -s sound. I hate correcting him because it's SO cute when he says "Fiderman". He also interchanges the -b- sound instead of the -v- sound. I love when he says "I gettin' under the cobers" at night when we're putting him to sleep.
- He loves music and singing.
- He's learned how to pray and listening to him thank God for things is the sweetest thing ever.
- He absolutely adores Brayden. They are the very best of friends, and fight like cats and dogs.
- He wakes up in the most cheerful of moods. The minute his little feet come pittering into our room, he exclaims "good morning Momma!" With a huge grin on his face.



This birthday has been bitter sweet for me as your momma. I feel like we are kissing goodbye the last bit of toddler that is left in you, and ushering in the new phase of being a grown little boy. You are such a sweet, sweet blessing to our family, and I couldn't imagine a day going by without you in it. We love you more than words could ever say, Connor Andrew. Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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