Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ninja Turtles, Roses & Doctors Visits.

Every year our little town puts on a toyland with most of the toy vendors for Walmart. It's a REALLY big deal, and for the past 2 years we've taken our boys. Since I wasn't feeling very brave this year, I decided I'd recruit Drew to go with us during his lunch break.

My boys were so excited to see all of the new toys that are out this fall. This year Brayden knew that you get free toy samples at a lot of the booths, so he was especially excited and patient to wait in the lines.
since we went early we missed the LIVE Ninja Turtles, which I am sure my boys would have FLIPPED over. Thankfully dressing up was just as fun to them. (although Connor thought we would be able to keep the sword, and had quite the meltdown giving it back to the people running the Ninja Turtle booth.)
this was their first experience with a real hotwheels track. I'm pretty sure we could have just played with this the entire day and they would have been perfectly content.

Saturday marked 50 days until our 10th wedding anniversary. I was surprised by these that morning:
50 roses to mark 50 days till our 10 year anniversary. You can go ahead and be jealous now. #besthusbandever
50 roses!!!
A little history: When Drew and I were engaged, he gave me 100 roses 100 days before our wedding. So Drew wanted to do something similar since we're coming up on a milestone anniversary. He's a keeper.

Saturday we also had family pictures. I've only received a sneak peak of a pic of the big boys on facebook, and I cannot wait to get the rest because it is the sweetest thing EVER! Bethany did our family pics last year and they turned out amazing, and this year my boys actually cooperated so I'm on pins and needles waiting to get my proofs! Saturday Tyler had seemed abnormally fussy, but we had just chalked it up to not getting very good naps, so we decided to continue on with our plans of hanging out with my friend Jenna and her family. We had a blast, but as the night wore on, it was pretty apparent that something was not right with Tyler.
Family picture session a smashing success. Now a stroll in the swagger wagon to see the fall foliage.
we thought that maybe a ride in the coutryside would make Tyler happy before we went to hang out with friends. It ended up being a ride listening to Tyler screaming. This picture makes me smile-- seems like just yesterday Drew and I were dating at U of A. Now we're driving around together in a minivan full of kids. Love doing life with him!
all the boys playing together on the baby blanket. Because apparently that's more fun than playing in the playroom. ;)

After a long night Saturday night, I decided to go to the walk-in clinic with Ty, as I was pretty sure he had an ear infection. After waiting for over an hour, my suspicions were confirmed, along with an upper respiratory infection diagnosis. I was kind of bummed that Ty had to start an antibiotic this young, but also so grateful for modern medicine that allows him the opportunity to heal quickly. Bless his heart, even with 101 fever and a nearly ruptured ear drum, he is still smiley (sometimes).
Still smiling after 1.5 hrs in the clinic, 101 fever and a definite ear infection.

This is our first week without speech, and I am already looking forward to having more than 1 day of the week with absolutely NOTHING on the agenda. Maybe, just maybe, my house will be cleaned this week!

Hope yall have a fabulous week!

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