Thursday, September 11, 2014

Vintage Baby Girl Shower for Lydia

A few weekends ago I had the privilege of helping put together a shower for my friend, Becca.

And I should probably disclaimer that when I say "helping put together," that what I really mean is that I emailed and told the girls I would love to help and for them to tell me what to do. Ha! I am not a frilly details person, so sometimes I just need some direction and guidance and then have fun helping in the process :)

Lydia is Becca's third daughter, so we didn't really want to go over the top with anything, but we still wanted to make it special. Becca is going with a vintage girly theme for the baby nursery, so we (and when I say "we" I mean the other party planner girls... again-- no detail help here ;) ) went with that.
A few of the girls made wreaths for the front door out of baby diapers, and our friend Erin created several different chalkboards to put around the house as decorations (and can we just talk about her awesome handwriting? If I used a chalkboard, it would definitely look like a 5 year old drew it).
I loved how they used burlap to tie together the diapers on the wreath... such a cute vintage touch
we had access to several sets of vintage glass party plates and cups, and since the shower was smaller, we used those for drinks and platters for the food. I forgot to photograph the boxes for the glassware but it was SO cute. It was the original box and had the whole June Cleaver housewife on it.
Erin hung decorative cylinders from the light fixtures, and attached paper doiles to give them that vintage touch.
my friend, Katie, figured out how to print on burlap with a regular home printer. I designed this verse for her, and then she attached the burlap to a regular sheet of printer paper and printed it on her printer at home. It came out SO cute! vintagebabygirlshower_adollopofmylife_7
there were mason jars filled with daisies placed around the house
so, funny story about the cake. After a long time with the cake department, Erin picked out a pattern that resembled lace to be put on the cake, white on white. And then requested an initial, like what you see in this picture. When Erin went to pick it up, TWO HOURS BEFORE THE SHOWER WAS SUPPOSED TO START, she found a white cake that was smooth icing and a BLACK initial on the top of the cake (made with black icing). Thankfully they fixed it, although it was nothing like what Erin has originally requested. Good thing is, even a messed up cake tastes good. ;)
we asked all of the guests to hang a prayer/blessing on this little tree for Becca and Lydia. I am pretty sure most of these items were purchased at Hobby Lobby (the sticks aren't even real! I couldn't tell until I was .2 inches away from the branches hanging my little prayer card).

Becca got a lot of cute gifts... my fave was the little custom made piggy outfit ( think it's knitted or crocheted). Oh my word. I die.


we love you, Becca! And can't wait to meet Lydia!

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