Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Everyday Moments.

I was washing the dishes today and it occurred to me that it felt like it had been years since I had blogged. As I was pondering why my blogging has taken a back seat over the past several months, I began to realize two things: life with three kids means that it's filled with more kids stuff and less me stuff, and life with three kids means that life is sometimes more ordinary.

Neither of these points of focus are a bad thing. While life with three kids means more kid things, it doesn't mean that our world revolves around them. I truly believe that a family that stays family centric instead of kid centric will win at life. However, it just means that there are more balls to juggle and sometimes the ones that I'd like to continue to keep in the game just have to lay low for a bit (especially in the ever demanding age of 20+ months... Lord help us all get through this phase again!). And life with three kids means that doing things often means laying low around the house.... things that are seemingly mundane but that make my life sweet at the same time.

A few weeks ago I decided to pull out my big camera. Sadly, it's gathered a lot of dust this winter as we've adjusted to the Kindergarten schedule and have become more busy altogether. As I was looking thru old pictures I realized that while I still have pictures of my younger two boys, I have missed capturing some of the everyday moments that I get to sit back and witness while I sip on my coffee in the mornings or while I am catching up on daily folders in the afternoons. To the outside world, these moments don't mean much. But they are moments that I know I will treasure forever: the chubby toddler hand gripping colors to draw a marvelous scribbled drawing, the boys playing together in the playroom, imagining that their action figures are taking over the world, backyard adventures, trampoline bounces.... the list goes on.

So, here are some of the moments. The ones that I will treasure in my momma heart. Because as hard as this season is, I've not yet met an older momma or daddy who tell me that they miss it. They all say it's the best.
(this is often what I get when I ask to take his picture... no one has time to smile for momma when you're the middle child)
unless Momma says poop. ;)
being almost two is SO SO rough, y'all.
babies are alway sweetest during their slumber hours.
life's just hard.

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