Friday, February 20, 2015

Just a Boy in his Boots.

Tyler just turned 21 months old this week.
Someone needs to come scoop me off of the floor because between that and him getting a rather horrible hair cut the other day, I'm about done in with emotions.

He's currently obsessed with boots. There is no preference to the type of boot, so long as it is a boot.

I'm currently obsessed with his big toddler belly. Every time I put a shirt on him his belly protrudes so much that the shirt gapes at the bottom. About does me in every time. Tyler now says "belly? Eat it?" because I have been known to chase him around the house chiding him that I'm going to eat his belly :)

This phase of ushering in toddlerhood is not one that is known to be easy. We definitely have our hard days. BUT. It is SO very sweet.
He is constantly asking for hugs and kisses. To play ball, and will do about anything for a laugh (which is a blessing and a curse).

He greets EVERYONE (and I do mean everyone) with a "HIIIII!", and expects a greeting in return.

He is the sweetest thing (when he wants to be)...
...and he loves his boots.


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