Thursday, May 28, 2015

Last Day of (Pre)School.

Today was Connor and Tyler's last day of MDO for the year.

Not gonna lie... I think we were all sad. I think the reason I am sad was obvious... these two days a week are my sanity days; days where I can get things done without having to corral little people and where I can sit uninterrupted with a friend over a warm lunch (I say warm, because there are many times that my food is cold or has to be reheated several times before I am able to complete it). I'm not complaining about my everyday life, because I LOVE being a mom. I just think that I am a BETTER mom because of the two days my littles are in preschool. As for them? They absolutely LOVE school. Since Connor has a late birthday, he'll be in preschool one more year before going to Kindergarten (I'm not sad about that one bit). He, however, has been super sad that a lot of his friends are moving on to Kinder, and super sad that he won't see his school friends regularly. And considering Tyler sits at the door and cries from the time Brayden leaves for school until it is time for him to go to MDO, I'd say he's going to miss school too.

I snapped a few pictures this morning of the boys before we left... I cannot believe how much both of them have grown! Makes me super sad and super proud all in one.
First day/last day of pre-k3. At 4.5yrs old, he wants to grow up and be a "professional trash collector" #mboys2015
fall 2014/spring 2015. 
He has lost his last "baby" looks and looks like a school boy now. He told me the other day that he wants to be a professional garbage collector ;)

(he's crazy, y'all.)
First dat/last day MDO 2015. I don't know what he wants to be when he grows up,but right now he's crazy, loves to pretend he's a monster and is in trouble for not looking like a baby anymore. #mboys2015
this (not so) little love went to school in the fall looking like a baby, and ended in the spring looking like a full blown toddler. He's in trouble for that, by the way.

So I guess it's officially summer for 2/3rds of our crew. So far, Connor's summer bucket list includes eating popcicles and going swimming. Praying it stops raining so we can enjoy both. Have a great weekend!

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