Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The End of the Kindergarten Year.

My fingers and mind cannot believe I just typed that we are coming to a close of the Kindergarten year. This year has flown by, and although in years past I have always felt that the year was filled with lots of change, somehow as summer dawns on us for 2015, I find that this has been the biggest year of change for Brayden. In pictures alone this is evident, but his demeanor, his intellect and most definitely his physical size have all changed SO much. It has been bitter sweet for me seeing him spread his wings even farther this year. Parenting is such a yin yang of emotions. I have also found myself extremely sad to be saying good-bye to what has to be one of the best Kindergarten teachers in NWA. Mrs. M has held my hand just as much as Braydens this year, and set the bar high for all school teachers that come after her in our boys journey of learning. The Lord knew exactly who both Brayden and I needed to make this year a sweet one. She has been patient with Brayden as he has transitioned from being with me to being independent, and helped encourage him to use his leadership abilities both in the classroom and in the school.

Last week Brayden had his end of year Kindergarten celebration program. It was ADORABLE. They themed it to the 50s, so all the little six and seven year olds were decked out in rolled pants, white shirts and the girls were sporting poodle skirts. ADORABLE.
Tyler stayed with a sitter during graduation because our test run at Connor's graduation ended up as a big fat fail. ;)
We had a special visitor come to the performance. He loves his Uncle Paul!
Towards the end of the program they showed a slideshow of the year. As if that wasn't a tear jerker enough, they also played the song "Let Them Be Little" by Lonestar. Oh my word. I've linked the song, but be prepared with some Kleenex. Also: I am letting him be little as much as possible, but HOW COME HE LOOKS LIKE A TEENAGER??!!!??

Field day fun. #mboys2015
They had field day last week. I was homeschooled during my elementary years, and found myself a little jealous of all of the field day fun. Brayden had a BLAST, despite the FRIGID temps. What a great way to end the year! (please note: he dressed himself for field day. I have to just let some things go).

Moment of silence for the (voluntary) loss of the frat boy swoop. #mboys2015
We still have a couple of days left of school, but we are counting them down and ready for summer, complete with a new 'do (another tear jerker for momma, who was in love with his little swoop he had going on. He's assured me he can grow it out again ;) Although, he does make him look a little younger I think ). We're ready for the sun and swimming, and ready to be an official FIRST GRADER!!!

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