Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Road Trips and Trips on Bikes.

The boys and I were adventurous and tried our hand at two road trips within 1 month. I decided that it'd be a good idea to attempt said road trip after everyone had stayed up way past their bedtime for fireworks festivities the night before; thankfully nothing backfired on me, and everyone did really well. It helps that our trip was only a 3 hour trip as opposed to a 10 hour one ;)

Several of my friends who live in Little Rock had wanted to get together with our kids. A day trip seemed like a stretch, and I was also eager to spend more time at my good friends, Christy and Brian's, new house that they recently built (they've named it Deer Creek Acres, and it seriously is the best!). The home sits on wooded acreage, which basically means it's boy heaven. We also packed in a Chick-Fil-A play date with several friends (and LOTS of kids), lots of outdoor play, and ended the time with friends at the pool before heading back earlier today.
(Tyler's FAVORITE thing ever is "gummies." He's a champ at shoving nearly the entire packet in his mouth at one time).

My boys absolutely LOVED Deer Creek Acres. There was dirt and rocks and lots of sticks. All 3 of them seemed completely in their element. Of course, as most of my stories go, we couldn't have stayed safe the entire time we were there. I had been a smart mom, and told the boys that they could ride down the driveway as long as they didn't go past the end of it. This wouldn't have been a big issue, but I had forgotten that while Connor is a pretty excellent bike rider, he sometimes forgets to use his brakes. This and the fact that the driveway is fairly steep was a recipe for disaster, as I realized when I heard Connor yelling "I shouldn't have done this!!!" coupled by his little 16" bike wheels rattling rather loudly as he zoomed down the dirt hill. Before I could yell out to use his brakes, he hit a large stone that jutted his handle bars quickly to the right and threw him hard to the ground. He ended up being ok, with a whole lot of scrapes and gashes to tell of his ride. I am SO thankful that he was wearing a helmet (they always do, but sometimes you just never know if they'll follow through with what you tell them to), as I think it would have been a whole lot worse. Isn't his little face just so pitiful?! (and as with most boys, he's pretty proud of all of his war wounds now)

I was terrible at picture taking while I was down there. I have come to realize that taking pictures with three kids, one of whom is two, is just not at the top of the priority (and most of the time is unfeasible, as I am almost always attending to someone's need or very much likely to be chasing Tyler). Perhaps I will reach a point when I can carry an SLR with ease, but for now, it's just not the case. I did snap a few pictures before we left for the pool today. I love that even though we don't get to see our Little Rock friends that often, we pick up right where we left off, as if time had stood still that entire time apart.

I think we're done with traveling for the summer. The boys and I both love seeing friends and family, but time on the road is rough for us all, and staying home will do us all good as we try to soak in these summer days. Although, when we were almost back to NWA today, Brayden said we should just keep driving to Baton Rouge since it was only another 6 hours away. We may need to start working on directions a little with him. ;)

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