Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Start of Summer: Cousin Camp and Beyond.

Apparently I took an unintentional summer break from blogging- ha!  This summer is flying by, and we are having the best time, but I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that by the time we get all 3 boys in bed, I'm about as pooped as they come and can barely keep my eyes open, much less type understandable blog posts. Regardless of the exhaustion, this may be my favorite summer yet, as the older boys are able to really enjoy all of the activities and are able to contribute opinions on what we should do. I do miss having babies, but this stage has its perks.

Last summer my sister and I decided to weather long drives and meet up in Baton Rouge at my parents so that we could see each other and so that our kids could spend an extended amount of time together. It worked out so well last year that we did it again this year. Dare I say that we might have just started a little tradition? And thankfully, this year didn't include any tragic events like holes in sheet rock.

The kids LOVE spending time together with their cousins. This year my mom decided to get Pinterest on board and had a daily craft or activity for everyone to participate in, and then had a slew of outdoor activities that included a slip and slide, one of my boys favorite things right now.
bubble night was a hit!
as were the sprinklers
about as good as you can get with 5 kids under the age of 6. ha!
see what I mean? :)
my parents had wanted to take the bigs to the movie theater, but there wasn't anything kid friendly out at the time. So they did a movie night at home, complete with a candy buffet ala Poppa D.

We also got to see my Great Uncle Mike and Aunt Rina while we were in town, as well as my Grandma (and the kids Great Grandma). Trying to get the kids all in one picture is like herding feral cats.
Uncle Mike & Aunt Rina's first selfie!
Uncle Mike and Aunt Rina's first selfie. They do it well, don't they?
Herding feral cats aka herding 5 great grands to get a picture with great grandma. #mboys2015
And my Grandma with two of her grands and all of her great-grands. Isn't she the cutest with her blinged out hat? I love that my kids have gotten to know her. The boys regularly comment about how they love their Great Grandma Laura.

In other summer news, we've started a variety of clubs and lessons (I've learned we all do better if we can get out of the house at least once a day). This was the boys at their first tennis lessons:
Summer is for fun lessons! This morning we had swim lessons, and this afternoon we have tennis lessons. Hoping they take after their daddy in tennis skills- momma is not that great with a raquet ;) #mboys2015
We've celebrated important occasions, like National Donut day and National Flip Flop day (forgot to take a pic of us eating our free smoothies on National Flip Flop day).
Summer bucket list: National donut day. #mboys2015
Such a fun day with these sweetie boys. Summer gets more fun each year! #mboys2015
We visited our local aquatic center. Last year Brayden started the season here around 42". This year he's hitting a little over 47. Crazy how fast they grow!
Happy Fathers Day to my main man... there's nobody else I'd rather raise 3 little men with than Drew. #mboys2015
Celebrated Fathers Day for the best dad in the world!
Went to go tell the boy it was time to leave for soccer... found him sacked out.  #mboys2015
And sometimes have been too worn out to make it till soccer practice ;)

I'm hoping and praying that I blog a little more regularly than once every three weeks this summer. But if you don't see me around as much, don't worry. It just means that I'm out having too much fun with my boys.

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