Thursday, August 27, 2015

Instagram Killed the Blogger.

If video killed the radio star, then logical reasoning would have one conclude that instagram killed the blogger.

It occurred to me the other night as I was perusing through old photos that Tylers first two years of life are largely caught on camera... the phone camera that is. Which makes me a little sad to think that I won't be able to blow up big pictures of lots of fun memories. It's OK. Better than no pictures (obviously), but still sad.

So for the past week I've tried to be more intentional about pulling out my big camera during the every day moments of my life. It's so much harder to do when I now have three kids. It's big to lug around, and I'm almost inevitably having to put it down to rush and get Tyler out of something he's not supposed to be in (there is good reason why we all call him Tyler the tornado. That boy is a P-I-L-L!). These moments that are seemingly mundane, are also the most sweet to me. They are the moments that only I get to witness. When my boys feel safe and free enough to express imaginations of grandeur super hero status and world changing strength. The moments where the dance and sing and say sweet things that show their innocence and preciousness.
I sure do love being their mom. Our days are filled with love and laughter (and some fighting, because: LIFE.). As Jen Hatmaker says, I hope their childhood days are mostly good. Because mostly good will turn into magical when they turn 40 :) As for Instagram, I'm not backing down. As much as I'd like to think that I'll pick up the camera regularly, if I don't, Instagram's got my back.

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