Monday, November 30, 2015

And Then He Was Five.

Two weeks late but better late than never. Connor is now five years old. I can barely believe it were it not for his little reminders of the big milestone we've hit.

Life lately with Connor is pretty sweet. He's entered into the interrogation phase. This was a phase we never really went through with Brayden, so it's been an interesting journey navigating through one million questions a day ;)

Connor is my charmer. He can charm anyone from a mile away. Earlier this spring he said "Mom, at school, all of the "gwurls" (girls) want to marry me. But I don't know why... I'm just a kid." Oh, Connor, don't ever grow up.
Some of Connor's favorites at age five: Mario Cart on the Wii, playing scooters and riding bikes, drawing and coloring, action figures and Wild Kratts. We still haven't brought him for his well check, so I'll have to update this when we go... he's fairly tall for his age. This was his first year to play organized soccer for a team, and we played him up two levels on a U7 team with Brayden. He did great and even scored several goals throughout the season.

Connor has a great grasp on biblical understanding for his age, and one of my favorite things is to sit with him and listen to some of his insight on God, Jesus and salvation. Some of my favorites are: "We can never rip up or color on God's word... only use those light markers (highlighters). We can never punch or kick Jesus. That would just be mean and make rocks go in your heart (harden your heart). Mom, you are not the judge. God is the judge and He is the judge of you and Daddy and you cannot be the judge of me and Brayden and Tyler." Listening to his prayers are just the best and help challenge me to have the same childlike faith.
Connor-- I can't really believe that you're already five, and yet I can't even remember life without you. You are a joy and it is my honor to be able to call myself your mom. May you continue to pursue God with all that you are and all that you do, and may you grow deeply in love with Jesus more than you can comprehend or imagine. You are awesome and we love you so much!

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