Wednesday, November 4, 2015


We have had a busy several weeks with life happenings. Such is fall.

A few weeks ago we FINALLY dedicated Tyler at church. Bless his heart, the third child just gets put on the back burner sometimes. We were super grateful to dedicate him before he started Kindergarten. Ha!
Tyler was super impressed. :) I am so grateful for our community of fellow believers (who we call our chosen family) They not only encourage us in our walks with the Lord, but also come along side us to ensure that our children walk in truth too.
I have to brag on my bigs for a second-- I was SO nervous about having them up on stage. Anyone who knows us knows that my boys are not necessarily known for their still and quiet spirits. They did SO well the entire time we were up there.

Since family was already going to be in town due to Tyler's dedication (and because October weather is more predictable than November in terms of temperatures), we decided to throw Connor an early birthday party. Connor marches to the beat of his own drum and I love him for it. He basically chose every theme that you could have (sharks, power rangers, star wars and transformers). Can't believe my middle guy is almost five... where does the time go?
we just did a simple party at the park with a few of his friends from the various events we are a part of.
my friends have informed me that we are "pinata" people. Not sure how I feel about the title, but considering my kids think that hitting and destroying things is the best thing ever, it's at least the most fitting title we could garner.

This past weekend we had Halloween festivities. Friday Brayden had his school fall carnival, at which I got ZERO pictures. It was basically like shoving 1098271 children and adults into a small, overcrowded cafeteria and then telling them all to dress up and play games. By the time Drew lost Tyler and Connor, we were ready to go. Brayden did have fun seeing all his friends and his teachers though, which is really all that matters. Saturday we went trick-r-treating with friends. The boys had a blast, although I was quick to recant my approval of black ninja costumes for 4 year old boys. Connor was a streak of invisibility the entire evening, which left my heart in my throat much of the time as I feared he'd get hit by a car. Next year we are going for brightly colored costumes (or at the very least, lots of stick on glow sticks).
love my little super heroes!

We are gearing up for Thanksgiving now, even though the temperatures have us believing we're well on our way to a second summer. I hope and pray that as we approach the holidays that you and yours are able to take some time to reflect on how blessed we are and how many things we have to be grateful for.

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