Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another First

Drew's been dying to help out with feedings since we brought Brayden home, but on the advice from my lactation consultant, we thought it better to wait until he was 3 weeks old. The thought being that he will be completely acclimated to breastfeeding, therefore hopefully eliminating the possibility of nipple confusion. Yesterday was our first try at it, and Brayden didn't even hesitate. I think he got his Daddy's human disposal gene, where as long as he smells edible food, it's in his mouth :) I do have to say that I kind of got sappy and told Drew he couldn't steal all of my feedings. Despite the long nights (and sometimes long days), I really do enjoy breastfeeding. I can already tell I'll miss it once he's weaned... and he's only 3 weeks old :)

PS-- check out the long legs on this kid-- he definitely got my legs!

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