Monday, May 18, 2009

I will Thank God for You...

  • When you smile at me
  • When you get the hiccups, just like you did in my belly
  • When you cross your eyes because your poor little muscles are still getting strong
  • When you spit up down my back, in my hair and on my 6th shirt of the day
  • When you scream in the middle of the night and I feel like a mac truck hit me
  • When you poop on everything I just put you in, and then top it off by peeing on the wall
  • When you cry through all of your morning naps, allowing me no extra sleep to top off the 3 hours I got the night before
  • When you cry when you get out of the bathtub
  • When I can't go out with friends because I have yet ANOTHER feeding
  • When you'd rather just stare around the room than eat
I am sure I could think of more things, but my brain is honestly fried at the end of a long day. This post is inspired by my friend Rebecca's most recent post regarding the tragedy that has struck her life in the past year. If you have a child, more specifically if you have an infant, when those days get long and you feel like you can't go a minute further without going insane, stop for a minute, breath deeply, and thank God for the baby that you feel is making you crazy. It puts things into perspective very quickly.

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