Friday, November 6, 2009


I think everyone has something in their life that makes them come alive. It's that breath of fresh air that we all need... and everyone's is different. My husband, for example, thrives in the outdoors. I always joke with people that if I die there is a true possibility that he will hole himself up somewhere in the woods, sipping on stale coffee and eating Ramen noodles for the rest of his life. The mere thought of being holed in the woods makes me want to cry. It's so lonesome to me (and the rustling leaves can be frightening if your imagination rigs up some bear/beast thing coming from behind you). This morning I was thinking about what makes me come alive. It's been on my mind alot lately actually... this who "making you come alive thing." Drew and I have been talking about it because he wanted to know what I did to experience God, to experience life. I am such a homebody that I really find comfort in the normal everyday occurances. But as I was perusing through photography blogs, it hit me. Photography makes me come alive. Something in my heart just pounds a bit faster as I grab my camera. It's like the worries of everything else just disappear, and but for a moment I am behind an article that will freeze a moment in time for eternity. It's powerful, it's invigorating, and I LOVE it. I think what makes it even greater for me is that I am such a 'big picture' person (not literally, figuratively, as in life). I always look at things measuring them on how they will affect 20 years down the road. Photography makes me stop looking 20 years down the road, and focus on the little, minute occurrences that 20 years down the road you will forget were it not for a picture. Like Brayden's chubby fingers grasping a small pumpkin, or how he closes his eyes and smiles when he lays outside in the sun; those details would probably be forgotten after the next day comes, but my camera, it has captured those moments for me to treasure forever. What's even more incredible to me is that it makes me see things the way God sees things. I find beauty in things that are otherwise overlooked. A cracked bench. Worn out concrete. An old dead tree. To a photographer, those things that are overlooked can sometimes make the picture. Makes me wonder how much God chuckles at us when we think we are old, worn out and not worth much. Maybe we're making the picture for God. It's a thought!
On a completely separate side note, my parents are on their way up for the weekend and I am beyond excited! Brayden will be dedicated on Sunday at church and they wanted to make sure they were here for that event. I am so grateful to have such wonderful parents, and for Brayden to have such awesome grandparents! Life is so sweet! Hope you have a great weekend!

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