Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend in Review

This weekend was full of fall festivities! Friday B and I went to Drew's work were they were celebrating Halloween. I really hate the phrase celbrating Halloween because I don't really agree with the principle of Halloween, but don't really disagree with letting your kid dress up and trick or treat. I know, I am conflicted... perhaps someday I'll figure out how to really approach the entire situation. Anyway, Drew's work really goes all out. Each "pod" is decorated according to a theme, and the employees kids all come and trick or treat around the office. It was incredible! They had a pirate ship with castaway:

They had snow white and the 7 dwarfs (Jennifer Bowen, I thought of your daughter when I saw this):


And Drew's pod was decorated as a mechanic shop, so they were aptly called the "grease monkeys":

The outfit was complete with a tail and hat (with monkey ears sticking out); unfortunately I wasn't able to get a picture of the tail on Drew. It was cute though, to capture both of my boys with monkey ears:

Mr. B-man, cheesing it up for Drew's coworkers

I can't wait till next year, when Brayden will really understand what is going on! Friday night Drew helped me attack the task of making more baby food. I was running short on a couple of things, and always try to make baby food on the weekend so I know I have an extra set of hands. Just for the record, 4 large sweet potatoes will make SO much baby food! Next time I'll only get 2 :) We also made cauliflower, which B has never had before so I am curious to see what he thinks. I hate cauliflower, so hopefully he won't acquire my tastes on that one!

The 2 pics above were taken on Saturday morning while we were just hanging out at the house. I bought Brayden a couple of little pumpkins a while back to play with... I try to teach him "bumpy," "smooth," "orange," and that Jesus made the pumpkins and that He made Brayden too! I know it sound so corny, but babies are like little sponges, so my goal as a mommy is to incorporate as much learning experiences into the fun things of everyday life so that Brayden is always learning something new. Ofcourse, as you can see his most favorite thing to do is just suck on the pumpkin... but hey, atleast I try!

Drew got all culinary on me and cooked up some eggs and stuff for breakfast (I had already had a bowl full of mushy oatmeal, so sadly I did not partake)

Saturday we had another costume party for B with all of his friends. It was so fun to see everyone and actually have one of our own to have there dressed up. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that I had my macro lens attached to my camera, and so I wasn't able to really get any group shots. I am having some emailed to me, so once I get them I'll post them later. I did get this good shot of B though, so this is from the party on Saturday:

Saturday afternoon mommy and daddy got to go on a date thanks to Mrs. Linda (a lady that I worked with before I had B). We got to go to the Hog's homecoming game! Someone graciously gave us free tickets, and they were SUCH good seats-- 50 yard line! We had a blast, even though it was a total blowout (as referenced by this picture, taken during halftime. please note the score!):

Best University in the country. OK, maybe that's a stretch, but we LOVE our Hogs!

Sunday was daylight savings time AND it was our Sunday to serve in the nursery. Brayden actually did OK, and woke at 6:30 (which would have been 7:30, which is what I had adjusted him to before the change). I can't complain! He didn't take a nap during any service at church though, so Sunday afternoon was a little rough. Drew graciously watched B while I took some photos of a friend of mine's daughters. The pics came out so cute and I can't wait to show off some of my fave shots! I am still in the midst of editting, so it might not be until later this week.

And that my friends, was our weekend. Hope you all have a SUPER-D-DUPER week!

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