Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just Hangin'

What do you do when you are battling head colds & stomach virus'? You just hang. Poor B man caught the head cold I had last weekend, and has been down for the count. He's a trooper though, and has dealt with me wiping and sucking (with the aspirator ofcourse) snot all week long. What's weird is that he really doesn't mind the aspiration as much as the wiping... that silly boy! Here are some pictures I took when he was feeling pretty lousy:

"My name's Brayden Thomas, and I feel yucky!"

Mommy made me this pallet, and I got to watch Praise Baby for a long time!

On other news fronts, he's broken his right top tooth, bringing the total tooth count to 4. He likes showing his chompers too, as evidenced in this picture, taken on a better day this week.

"Look at all my chompers!"

We are definitely on the mend and praying that B and Drew don't catch the nasty 24 hour stomach bug I had on Wednesday and Thursday. It was nasty and definitely wiped me of any energy I had left after the head cold.

"I am the cutest!"

PS-- Monday, I was able to take care of little Laci for the day. Because of my head cold, I only was able to get one picture of the two of them, but they played so well together and Brayden loves to have friends over!


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