Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Sweet Babies.

We've had an unexpected laid back weekend, which was welcomed by all of us in the midst of a crazy busy fall schedule. Saturday it rained the entire day, which meant soccer was canceled and we were cooped up indoors. Sunday the weather was absolute fall perfection. We got out of the house a bit in the afternoon to go to a local garden park so I could snap some new pictures of the boys. I had thought about dressing them up, but then I thought that that doesn't really capture who my boys really are. They are always just wearing their undershirts and a pair of shorts, and are NEVER found wearing shoes unless we're in public (and even then it's questionable). So I just told the boys to put on a pair of jeans and not worry about shoes or fancy shirts. They were so excited about their apparel, especially Brayden.
can someone tell him to quit growing?! He looks 16 and it makes me so sad!
Connor is like the animal whisperer. Always catching something.
these are his super hero muscles. It also looks exactly like what he does when he's not getting his way. :)
sweetest baby in the world.
oh my heart. I am so blessed. SO SO blessed.


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