Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza 2013.

One thing Drew and I have tried to make a priority as parents is to make fun traditions with our kids. One of those traditions is our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. We have visited one of the local pumpkin patches every year since Brayden was born. I look forward to this time with our little family every year, and love watching the boys grow in excitement each year that we've been. You can see our previous visits here:

This year we had the added bonus of being able to go when my mom was in town. Everything's more fun when Gigi is here :) (plus, it never hurts to have an extra set of helping hands!)
I felt like Connor really ate up all the activities. He was SO excited about everything and kept laughing. As hard HARD HARD as this age/stage is, it's also my favorite because I feel like he has such true, deep joy of the most simplest things in life.
as we were passing the patch of the smallest pumpkins, one was sitting off of the vine like a loner. Connor ran towards it and exclaimed, "I CAUGHT IT! I CAUGHT THE PUMPKIN!" He was beside himself with excitement that he had "caught" a pumpkin. Drew and I looked at each other and just laughed. I normally like them to pick the pumpkins off the vine, but how do you say no to that?
I wish I had taken this picture before we left when it wasn't as bright. Bless the boys hearts, they could barely see anything.
my boys are AVID grasshopper hunters. It's their favorite past time in the backyard. Imagine their grasshopper loving hearts when they realized the pumpkin patch was INFECTED with grasshoppers. I'm convinced if we hadn't pushed them to do other things, we could have easily just spent our time out there catching grasshoppers and they would've been content.
Ty just soaked it all in
a little corn hole fun
we've usually gone towards the end of the season, which means the patch is a bit trampled down and the pumpkins are picked over. This year we made it out on the first day, which meant we had pick of the patch, and also had to wade through a few weeds as well.
we decided we'd get each person in the family a pumpkin, so the boys had quite the time picking out 5 perfect pumpkins for each of us. Brayden has since informed me that we forgot to get a pumpkin for Toby.
if this doesn't warm your heart, I really don't know what will.
it had rained pretty good the day before, and we were worried a bit about the patch being too muddy for us to go. Thankfully it wasn't too bad, but I'm glad I made the boys wear their boots anyways. Boys are magnets for mud. I wish I could have recorded the giddy laugh Brayden had when his boots sunk in this nasty stuff.
kings of the mountain
look at that smile. He loves riding tractors.
they fight like cats and dogs, but also work well as a team when they want to.
when they left on the mule train, Connor looked back and said "bye you guys! see ya later!" ha!
this was the best family picture we could get out in the patch. I promise we're not all angry. haha!
about to set out on the hay ride... Tyler was nearing the verge of an implosion, so we didn't really even try to get one that was good. 

And I bet you are all wanting to see a cute baby in the pumpkins. Never fear... baby goodness is here:
this picture CRACKS ME UP. He was SO through with pictures.
eating hay sounded like a much better idea to this guy
his chubby fingers are some of my favorite things in the world.

I'm so excited that fall is here! We're officially ready with our pumpkin family, and can't wait for more of our fun family fall and winter traditions to continue.


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