Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tyler Paul {8 Months}.

Yesterday we took the boys to our town's square so I could snap a few pictures of Tyler. He has learned how to army crawl this month, and I know that before long trying to get a picture of him without him moving will be next to impossible.
Snapping pictures of him made my heart cringe a little. I feel like we're in an all out sprint to his first birthday. Only 4 more months of feeding him bottles and snuggling him while he eats. Knowing that he's more than likely my last baby, it just makes me sad of all the little things that I love SO SO much about this stage. Trying to bottle every single moment up right now with him.

Tyler has had a pretty big month this month. Here's a few of the highlights...
{8 Month Highlights}
  • Moved up to size 5 diapers at night. Still wearing size 4 diapers during the day. 
  • He's all over the map with clothes. It depends on brand. He wears as big as 18 months (pants especially-- his 12 month pants are starting to look like high waters, but some of them are so cute that I just can't let them go... which I realize is slightly ridiculous), but mostly 12 or 12-18 month clothes. 
  • He's a CHUNK and a half. I'm not sure on his precise weight/height combo, but I'm guessing he's about 22 lbs. No clue on the height. His next doctors appointment is next month, so we'll find out then.
  • He FINALLY got teeth this month- two at a time! He has the two bottom teeth, and the two top ones are days away from breaking through. I'll be honest, aside from potty training, teething is the WORST.
  • He learned how to crawl! He can army crawl with the best of them. He can also crawl on all fours for about 3 steps, but then gives up and just resorts to army crawling... probably because he's faster and that just seems to make more sense. Can't say I don't blame him!
  • tyler_8months_2_adollopofmylife
  • We have learned that now that he can move and get to things and places he wants to go, he's about the best independent player I have ever had. He'll crawl into the playroom and play by himself for at least 30 minutes at a time. This was UNHEARD of with my other two. So grateful for such a laid back, albeit on the go, boy. 
  • We've converted over to nearly all table food. He just is not a fan of the purees, and despite the lack of teeth, does not let that hold him back from eating food like the rest of us. His love for meat is unmatched, and he also loves cinnamon toast. I pretty much feed him whatever we are eating as long as it's not too salty/spicy. Meals are much happier now that he can feed himself. 
  • He is mostly sleeping through the night. He'll still wake up occasionally, and we'll just feed him a small bottle and he'll go back to sleep. I realize that he probably doesn't NEED the bottle, but when you are sleep deprived and just want to go back to bed, the most reasonable solution is to do what begets sleep for everyone. 
  • Speaking of bottles, he's entirely bottle fed now. I know some people mourn the loss of breastfeeding, but in all reality, I enjoy bottle feeding my babies so much more. It's literally my 4 favorite parts of the day because it makes me slow down and just sit and enjoy him. He holds the bottle all by himself now, so I just get to sit and talk to him and snuggle. It's simply the best. He gets 4 bottles a day, between 6-8oz a piece. 
  • Before we had Ty, I was worried that he may be left behind in all of the chaos, but as he has grown I've been met with the fact that this just simply won't be the case. Ty makes sure his voice is heard. It's really funny when he just starts making LOUD gibberish at night at the dinner table. He also has a few words that he has mastered; Dada (daddy), baba (bottle), baba (sounds slightly different than his bottle word, and he waves his hand... signaling bye-bye). I'm still working on mama. Usually if I try to get him to say it he'll just smile at me. :) 
(this picture makes me laugh-- his hair is so fine and whispy, so when the wind blows it's all over)

Tyler Paul-- this month has been bitter sweet to me as your mommy. My favorite stage with my babies has always been birth to about 8 months old, and I realize that some of these moments that we have with you may be my last with a baby your size. You are absolutely so precious to me and even after a long day of being a mommy, holding you and watching you as you sleep soothes my soul more than anything else in the whole world. I love you so so much and am so grateful that God moved our hearts to add to our family. You bring so much joy to our world and laughter to our ears. As bittersweet as it is, I love being able to watch you grow and learn and mold into the little man that God wants you to be. We love you so much Tyler, and I am so grateful that I get to be your mommy!

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