Thursday, January 30, 2014

First Dates & Sickies.

One of the great things about social media and blogging is the awesome people I've been able to meet. A few years ago I met my friend Whitney at a meetup for bloggers. She had a daughter a few weeks before me, and so I joke that Tyler and Charlotte will be college sweethearts. We had originally planned to take their pictures in front of Old Main and the football stadium, but the weather, in true Arkansas form, turned on us and we decided that 20 degree photoshoots didn't mix well with babies ;) The babies did like each other though, and kept us laughing with their coos and mini screams for attention (they even held hands for a moment, which was the cutest thing ever). Aren't they the cutest?!
Gonna be a Hog Baller.Tyler had his first date with Charlotte today. They jabbered, tried to hold hands, and even tried to share drinks. I think he's smitten already.  ;-)
the pic on the left was taken before we left. Cutest little Razorback ever!

Their date was Monday, and unfortunately the week has gone downhill since then. Tyler woke up Tuesday with a mild fever. I'm honestly not sure what to attribute his fever and overall lack of feeling good too; he had the flu shot Monday, and is also cutting both top teeth. Ty spent Tuesday and Wednesday trying to kick his fever, and wanting mommy a bit more than normal. Bless his little heart he just felt awful.
Been holding this sick little guy most of the day. So sad when they feel so miserable.No matter his age, he'll always be my baby.
He may be sick, but he's still a fan of the selfie. Love how he smiles the minute he sees our faces on my camera :)

He woke up feeling much more like himself today, which was a welcome relief to me, as I was looking at the very real possibility of having to take all 3 boys by myself to the doctors office... that situation is never fun for anyone involved.
I snapped this picture yesterday of my little mister. Chewing on fingers for the teeth, and looking cuter than ever in his monkey jammies.

Hope everyone else is having a great week!

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