Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Shenanigans.

I'm keeping up with my trend of being a day late and a dollar short. My life is just a bit busy at the moment, and since it looks as though it has no intention of letting down, we'll just move on.

We recently went to a local pumpkin patch/farm with a bunch of our friends from church. This has become an annual tradition for our family and something that I look forward to every fall.
(You can click here to see our trip from 2013, which also includes links to all previous years as well... all the way back to 2009!).

When our group decided to go to a patch we'd only been to once before, I was a little sad we weren't sticking to our traditional place. But also knew that the place the group had picked would be better suited for Tyler, who is an animal lover extraordinaire. The kid LOVES animals. He kept squealing in delight going up to the goats and pulling their faces close to his (1. GROSS. 2. Thank goodness these goats were so patient. No one lost fingers).
In case you get our Christmas card this year and wonder why we didn't get professional pictures done, this is why. Tyler Paul wants nothing to do with sitting still.
Tyler was the only one who asked to ride the ponies. I convinced Connor to ride, but he seemed like he was doing it to amuse me more than out of desire.
The corn pit was a huge hit with all 3 boys. I should just dump loads of deer feed into a big pit in the backyard. This kept them entertained for HOURS.

Drew and I took the big boys on a wagon ride while Drew's mom stayed back at the corn pit with Ty. The big boys LOVED getting to feed the cows tortilla strips.
they're serious about their tortilla snacks, y'all.
I would pay money to see the front side of Brayden's face in this pic. I can tell his jaw is wide open. I think he was probably second guessing his decision to get so close to that nasty cow tongue! ;)

We spent a little bit in the pumpkin patch. Honestly, by the time we made it to that part of the farm, all 3 of the boys were just a tiny bit pooped. It's a wonder I got a picture of just the bigs by that point.
(not quite sure how he grew up so quickly. Someone tell him to stop; this is obviously not ok).

So grateful we had another fun year at the pumpkin patch. The only thing I regret is that we didn't get a family picture this year, or a picture of the boys with their Mamaw. But considering no one got lost in a corn maze and no one had a goat bite a finger off, I'm calling it a good day.

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