Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Playing Catch-Up.

Three years ago, I would have never thought it possible for me to go several weeks without blogging. Sure, a couple of days. But even weekly seemed manageable. It's funny how life changes. When I first got into blogging, I had an enormous amount of extra time on my hands. Brayden slept most of the day and my house was clean most of the time. As the years have past the blogging world has changed, but so has my personal world as well. I now have three very active children, and a lot of times blogging means that I am giving up something... time with them, time to fold laundry, or time to relax with my husband after the kids have gone to bed. So for the past couple of weeks I just allowed myself some room. Room to be a mom. Room to be a homemaker. Room to be a wife. I have missed blogging, but I think in a lot of ways I would have missed more of my real life than I would have if I had spent time to write it all down. Plus, Instagram has totally made it more manageable for me to capture the every day moments that I truly want to remember. SO... today I play catch-up. This is what we've been up to over the past five weeks that I've not logged or written.
We've been inundated with sports. We took two risks this year with sports: playing Connor up two age levels so Drew could coach them both at the same time, and playing two simultaneous sports with Brayden. We've had a 50/50 ratio of success. Connor has done well with playing up, and it hasn't phased him at all (I was concerned it might affect his confidence levels, but he's been able to keep up well with the 7 year olds). The two sports at the same time-- WEARING. Wearing for me as the momma, because Saturday mornings have started out as early as school days, and end up with me throwing different cleats and jerseys in the back trying to get Brayden to change on the way from football to soccer (the games overlap, so he's not able to play a full game, which stinks). Live and learn. Overall it's been fun, especially watching the boys play on the same team as each other (Drew's also co-coaching with a friend of ours, so their twin boys are also on our team, which has been super fun for Brayden and Connor).
A fun week with my momma ended today. We sure do love her bunches and bunches! #mboys2015
My mom came for a visit. My mom had been wanting to come and visit, and I knew Drew had a business trip at the end of September, so we were able to overlap the two so she could come during a time I'd need an extra set of hands. It was so fun having her here (and definitely helpful for me... not sure how I would have been able to juggle everything without her help!)
Tooth #2 fell out during football practice! So sad I've missed both of his teeth falling out so far. Can't believe how big he's getting! #mboys2015
Teeth. Brayden had his second tooth fall out during football practice this week. Unfortunately I missed it because I was home with two sick preschoolers. I was so bummed I've now missed out on both of his teeth falling out. He was so proud and so excited to get another gold $1 coin from the tooth fairy.
Glasses make him even cuter...  now for the predictions on how long it takes before they're broken or lost ;) #mboys2015
Eyes. While my mom was visiting, she noticed that Brayden was blinking more than normal and asked if he'd ever had an eye exam. I had noticed the blinking before but didn't think much of it, but after my mom mentioned it I decided that perhaps it would be good just to get things checked out. We had his exam today and everything went great... except he needs glasses {insert mom guilt from letting this go on for longer than necessary}. Thankfully the doctor is hopeful that since we've caught his vision early enough, that he may only need glasses temporarily. Here's to hoping. Brayden seemed eager for the possibility to wear glasses going into the clinic, but then when reality set in, I could tell he was a little more apprehensive. Thankfully I was able to talk him off of the ledge of despair when he realized he couldn't have the Nike glasses (help us all, the obsession with Under Armour and Nike will be the death of me), but ended up settling for a TMNT (teenage mutant ninja turtle) pair that he seemed to like just as well. He still looks just a cute with glasses on as he does without them ;)
Life. Besides sports, I feel like I have now entered into the very beginnings of the mom taxi service phase. I feel like most days we are living in our minivan more than our home. It's funny, I always kind of bemoaned a lot of the minuscule things about having babies at home. And it's true that things seem so monotonous. But there's also a sweet simplicity to life that I am not sure you fully appreciate until you are well into the other side of things. I just feel like I should warn all of you though: If you are holding a baby in public and you happen to be in my presence, I will swarm you and swoon over your little baby until you decide I am crazy and try to quietly tip toe away. I have become the crazy baby lady in public. But when you're baby now talks in complete sentences and tells you all about their day at preschool (including friends and activities), one can get a little desperate. I took this bee picture while we were visiting a local pumpkin patch/farm. I have a ton more pictures of our farm trip, so I've saved those for another post. I hope that the rest of your week is a good one!

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