Friday, April 3, 2009


STILL PREGNANT!!! Clever little title, but I thought I'd make a knock off since several people thought it would be funny to spoof everyone on April fools with fake pregnancy announcements.

This morning was rough for me. I haven't slept well in several days due to Brayden laying on a nerve near my groin and/or constant peeing, so I was just a wee bit cranky and really wanted to hear good news. I have walked and tried several other things to get this baby moving along so I figured I would have AT LEAST effaced a little. Oh no... no change. Lovely... just what I want to hear after I have been manhandled down yonder :) She did confirm that he had dropped (as if the terrible groin pains I've been feeling haven't been confirmation enough). He's at a -2 station (for those of you who don't know, the stations refer to where your baby is in reference to your pelvis. It basically starts as a -3 and goes all the way to +5. When the baby has entered into the pelvis but not yet into the cervix is 0). I was so frustrated. I think my doctor kind of felt bad for me, and she offered to sweep my membranes. And no, I don't even fully comprehend all that that entails, other than it's supposed to hurt a heck of a lot more than the internals already do. With me being only 38 weeks, I really don't want to rush things, and I definitely want to minimize my risk of having a c-section. When I told my doc that, she said to wait on the membrane thing until my appointment next week. The only good side to the appointment is that I get to see her 2 days early next week (weekly appointment is on Wednesday) due to her being out of the office on Friday. So, I only have to wait 5 days. Hopefully the wait will result in good news; otherwise next Wednesday could be another long day of frustration for me. I've decided maybe instead of ME trying to do things to get him out, that we should all start praying. God is bigger than my walking shoes.

So, if you think about me and baby, please pray that he will come on his own and COME SOON! I already get up every 2 hours, am exhausted throughout the day and feel like a complete lunatic; what's a few dirty diapers and filling the extra time with breast feeding-- atleast I'll have something cute to stare at, or to quiet down, and then what little sleep I do get could be on the comfort of my stomach, a sensation I haven't felt in what feels like YEARS! Don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant, and I love feeling Brayden move inside of me. But I am ready to meet him. To see him and to touch him. I am ready for all of that. So let's all join in chorus and pray he comes soon.

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