Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Time, you can stop now.

I find myself 5 days out of the birth of our baby boy and already feel the longing for time to stop. I have loved every second of motherhood, even the nights that are long, the frustration because my right breast is just not as good as my left (to my son that is!), a poopy diaper just after changing, and ofcourse, the apparent lack of sleep every new parent experiences. Things have gone incredibly smooth (knock on wood) and relatively uneventful thus far. Since writing about the days in paragraph form would cause the blogger servers to crash, I'll list in bullet point form my personal favorite highlights of each day:
*Wednesday, April 8th: complete denial that I was in labor. It took my good friends Alaina and Stephanie to convince me that the excruciating back pain I was having every 3-4 minutes apart was indeed labor and not some crazy workout I had done (I had gone on 2 longs walks in order to "move" things along).
*Thursday April 9th: Scott, my anesthesiologist (aka as pregnant woman's savior) administered my epidural, and I was able to sleep until 1pm. 1pm was told I would start pushing soon. 2:34 the most beautiful baby boy was placed on my tummy.
*Friday, April 10th: Brayden learned to latch! Yay!
Saturday, April 11th: we were discharged in the morning, and Brayden slept through everything.
Sunday, April 12th: Brayden's first easter.
Monday, April 13th: Brayden's first outing. He got to go to Sam's club with Gigi and mommy. Ofcourse, he slept through it all.
Tuesday, April 14th: first doctors appointment. Brayden gained 8 ounces since leaving the hospital, topping his birth weight by 5 ounces (he now weighs 7lb, 5 oz. and has grown 1 inch). While being weighed he pooped all over Drew (squirting poop-- it was AWESOME!) and peed all over me. He also endured his first (of many more to come) photoshoots.

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