Friday, April 17, 2009

More pics

Things are still going really well. Drew wanted to do a photo shoot when he was home from work this morning, so we attempted. It's crazy how much they grow and change just in 2 days... it makes me so sad! He's a lot more alert than he was just a few days ago, so I am so grateful that my mom convinced me to go ahead with a photo shoot earlier this week-- today was A LOT more difficult! Even though I am completely sleep deprived and my house is a wreck, I've already told Drew I want about 10 more kids. He thinks I am completely nuts! I feel like one of those people who gets a job they are just completely in love with... I finally am able to do exactly what God created me to do. Being a mom and a wife completes me in ways I cannot describe.

In his daddy's arms

so sweet

our little family

the 2 loves of my life

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