Monday, June 22, 2009

A Happy Belated Fathers Day & Weekend in Review

We were too busy yesterday for me to even attempt a short shout out to the 2 best dads in the world-- my husband and my own Daddy! I love them both so much and they are such great examples of what a father should be.
This is one of my favorite pictures of my 2 boys together;
Brayden LOVES his bedtime stories with his daddy,
and is starting to get into the pictures in the book. Doesn't it just melt your heart?

This weekend was an errand weekend in anticipation of my family's visit this week. Friday we did take a few hours out to visit some of the homes in a local home show that the local home builders association puts on. Not like we can afford 5000+ square foot homes, but hey, it's fun to at least get ideas for that dream home that lurks in our far away future (maybe).

Saturday I started the day off with a bang and got my hair cut. Not just a trim mind you, it's a full blown cut. The past year, in gearing up towards being a mommy and not having time to do anything but breath, I just had my hair guy do simple trims. The result was VERY thick, same length hair, with split ends to match. So I got about 3-4 inches off, plus the ends feathered and layered. I felt like a new person! And it's just in time for the horrid heat wave that has hit the south! After getting my hair cut we went to Toys R Us to try out convertible car seats. First, let me say, that if money were no object right now, we'd be getting a van. Civics were not created with a family in mind, and those car seats are about as big as the back seat. BUT, we live in a real world, and we just need to make sure expenses are as low as possible right now, so the Civic will have to suffice. We tried out the Evenflo Triumph Advance and the Evenflo Titan Elite. We actually liked both, and they fit (barely!). A lot of people have recommended the Britax car seats but they are SO much more expensive, so I am still not sure what we will do. We're not sure which weight limit we should get, but we're thinking we need to get as much as possible, especially for height reasons, since our little man really isn't such a little man. After car seat shopping we enjoyed some Scholotzky's pizzas (they have pizza madness on Saturdays-- $2.50 for all of their pizzas and they are YUMMY!) and then headed home for a nap. Drew took care of Brayden in the evening so I could run errands (grocery shop). As a side note, Saturday was the first day that we dropped little B to 6 feedings; it seems to be going OK. This morning he woke up at 6:20, so I am trying to figure out if that was a fluke or if we need to go back to 7 feedings for the time being. We'll see.

Sunday was church & more errands. Sunday evening we had some friends over for dinner (they cooked, which was nice!) and a good game of Catan (I won!). All in all it was a great weekend and we are anxiously anticipating Wednesday, when Brayden will get to see his Gigi, Poppy, Aunt Laura & Uncle Jeff for the first time since he was born!


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