Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Chunker Wunker

Today as I was strolling through a garage sale, a lady approached the sidewalk with what appeared to be a very young infant (in my guesses a 3-4 week old at the oldest). All of the ladies holding the sale gave the traditional "oooo and ahhh" and then asked the mommy how old her baby was. I was an innocent by stander but must admit that I was eavesdropping into the convo a bit. The mommy replied "Oh, he's getting so big, he's almost 4 months and he just hit 10 pounds!" I nearly dropped the car seat that was holding my own chunker wunker (mind you, I now have to hold that thing with both hands because it's nearing 30 pounds of plastic and flesh!). Little B is 4 days shy of his 2 month birthday, and is around 13 pounds. Therefore, he is now officially referred to as our "Chunker Wunker."

2 days old 8 weeks old

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