Tuesday, May 7, 2013

36 weeks {a pregnancy update}

How Far Along: 36 weeks, 4 days
Size of baby: over 18 inches long, 5.25 pounds (about the size of a watermelon-- just hearing that kind of makes me want to cry. As much as I love being pregnant, I loathe labor and delivery, and the bigger these apps keep saying Tyler is getting, the more I am cringing at the thought of having to go through with another delivery.)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 32 pounds (as of 5/3/13).I am blaming the 5 pound weight gain on the winter clothes I had to wear on Friday due to the May snow.
 Maternity Clothes: All maternity clothes if I wear something other than sweats and a t-shirt. But really, nothing fits right.
Gender: BOY! Tyler Paul.
Movement: Still moving a ton (which I am ever so grateful for after last week's scare). One of his favorite moves is to push his little bottom up under my ribs. That feels fantastic (said in the most sarcastic voice possible). Drew and I often watch my stomach at night before we go to sleep, and we laugh about how weird it really is to think about another human being being INSIDE of me moving like that. Sometimes it looks almost alien-like because he moves so much at night before bedtime.
Sleep: I'm up at least every 2 hours to pee, so I'll let you decide how well I am sleeping :) I am still having crazy weird pregnancy dreams though, despite the sporadic sleep I'm getting.
Symptoms: sciatica and reflux are the two top symptoms on the list, athough I feel like I am pretty much experiencing everything the books say you experience at 36 weeks pregnant. My braxton hicks have picked up a lot; I have about 3-4 an hr on most days. Hoping that means I will go into labor early.
Progress:  1 cm dilated, 0% effaced. At first I was a little discouraged by the fact that I am not really dilated, but then I remembered that I was 2cm dilated and only 50% effaced when I went into labor with Connor. Anything can happen.
What I miss: I miss long stretches of sleep, fitting into clothes, and being able to move with ease.
Cravings: I've craved sweets A LOT this past week.
Food Aversions: well, it's not really an aversion per se, but since pizza makes me swell so bad I've stayed away from it.
Best Moment this week: Just making it through another week is considered good moments these days. We've had a relatively low key week the past week, so I'm just enjoying the calm before the chaos breaks loose :)
What I am looking forward to: Looking forward to my OB appointment this week, and getting things prepared for Tyler. I'm working on freezer meals this week to stock up so that I'm not having to cook with a newborn in the house.

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