Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Snow and First Fish: Weekend in Review.

We have had a relaxing, non-stressful weekend. These tend to be the best kind, especially when they are preceded by busy, travel-filled weekends. I think all of us here at our home needed some down time, which was exactly what we received.

Friday we woke up to almost 2 inches of snow on our ground. It was pretty remarkable. I wish I had had a video of Brayden's reaction when I told him to look out the window. He gasped audibly and then said 'I just can't believe it, Mom!" haha! To be honest though, the moment was quite historic for our area, and I am sure many people (myself included), shared the same sentiments.

After my OB appointment on Friday we headed to a local gym with some friends. It's one of my boys very favorite places to go.
they love hanging on the parallel bar
and flipping on the parallel bar :)

Saturday it was still raining/snowing, so Brayden's t-ball game got rained out AGAIN. Bless his heart... he may have an entire season of practices if this weather keeps up! Thankfully he's at an age where practice is just as fun as the games. Drew and I took advantage of an empty Saturday morning and took the boys to the gym for childcare, and we had a morning date which consisted of Panera for breakfast and then pawn shopping for Drew. We lead an exciting life, what can I say.

Since we went to church on Saturday night we had Sunday completely open, which was nice. Brayden and Drew went fishing in the morning, and after over a year of fishing, Brayden finally caught his first fish. He was only slightly excited ;)

Sidenote: I was the one in charge of picking up worms on Sunday morning since I needed to go to the store anyways. Did you know that the store sells 4 different kinds of worms?! I had no idea and was quickly confused by all the different options. Lesson learned... never send the city girl wife to the store for country boy products. ha!

We've got a busy few weeks ahead of us as we prepare for baby Tyler. I think we are ALL ready for him to come... it's just a waiting game at this point. Hope everyone has a great week!

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