Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Plantation Wedding {My Sisters Wedding, Part 1}.

I've been nagged by several friends to see these pictures. It's hard to wade through over 500 pictures, edit the ones I like, get them all uploaded, and still keep up with everything else in my life. My apologies for these being "late". Hopefully the wait will be worth it!

Thursday we got up after being huddled in a closet for most of the wee morning hours thanks to the terrible storms that hit NWA that night. The good news is that we now know that the tornado sirens wake us up. :) Needless to say, we didn't sleep well the night before our big drive, so we were all a little cranky when we started up early Thursday morning. I am thankful the boys are getting to an age where you can reason with them a little, and snacks and a portable DVD player do a WORLD of good. I snapped this picture of Brayden right before we got into Baton Rouge.
Brayden is hilarious, and provided a lot of comedic entertainment during the trip (Connor took several naps... I was SO grateful!).

Gigi and Poppa D surprised the boys with special cupcakes and super hero hats for an after dinner treat. The boys were in HEAVEN.

Friday my sisters and I had planned on having a girls morning, but when Megan woke up with terrible ear pain, we figured we should take her to the doctor.
After a nearly 2 hour visit (and no meds given, but still terrible pain), Laura put her face in her hands and admitted she was starting to stress out. I took on big sister mode, and we told the doctor we needed to go (he wasn't doing anything for Megan anyway). Megan drove, and I swear you would have thought I was giving birth in the backseat... we sisters take wedding preparation and stresses seriously.

I was thankful for a good rehearsal, and an even better rehearsal dinner. Laura and Jacob are so loved.
Me and Megan
The night of the rehearsal a cold front came in, so we had to wear jackets. Who would have known in Louisiana in April we'd wear jackets?!?!
Me and Daddy
The little bro aint so little :) Every time I see him he grows another two inches.
this is what happens when lil' bro steps in front of the camera while I'm shooting.
getting instructions from Ramsey, who was a phenomenal wedding coordinator.
my dad totally photo bombed. I love this picture.
Can't believe she got married. I still envision her as the little blonde haired cutie who dressed in high heels and tutus when we went grocery shopping.
da girls
she was so happy.
they literally ran off the stage during rehearsal when they were announced husband and wife (not for real, yet). Hilarious.
and just in case you've ever wondered why Louisiana has a special place in my heart... how can you not fall in love with these oak trees?!?!

More wedding pictures to come.....

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