Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Brayden's First T-Ball Game.

We FINALLY had a beautiful Saturday morning this past weekend, and Brayden was able to have his first t-ball game. He was so excited!
a little pregame cheer (Brayden is #3)

I have to say, watching t-ball with a 2.5 yr old at your side and being 37 weeks pregnant makes for a little bit of a stressful situation. At one point Connor ran out on the field to talk to Drew. Not sure how in the world I am going to do it with a newborn in tow too!
(he's playing 2nd base in this picture)
I loved watching an actual game. The kids were so cute. Brayden was so excited when he would make a play, that he'd fist pump the air and then look for Drew or I to make sure we saw. He was also really excited about hitting and running the bases too.
I mean, really. How cute is this?!
this may be my favorite picture of him yet.

Funniest moment of the game goes to Brayden, who got completely enthralled watching the other t-ball game going on while he was standing on 2nd. He was so enthralled that he completely missed the fact that one of his teammates got a hit, and the man on first came to second. They had a little conversation about how Brayden should probably run to third. And with a little coaxing from the rest of the crowd, he finally got to running. Oh how we love the comedy of t-ball!
what's a good t-ball game without a good after game snack?

So thankful for our baseball lovin' boy! What a precious blessing he is to our family!

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