Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day Weekend.

We have had a whirlwind of a weekend which has left me with a feeling of gratefulness and also exhaustion. Such is the life of a momma, am I right?!

Friday night I went out with a group of my friends from church and saw the new movie "Moms Night Out" at the theater. It was SO funny and SO good. I'm usually a skeptic of some of the mainstream Christian movies; they're generally kind of cheesy and have sub-par acting. This movie actually had a great storyline, had some really good actors and had me laughing from the minute it started. If you haven't seen the movie yet, I highly recommend it! Unfortunately we didn't think to take a picture, so I don't have any pics of my actual moms night out :) 

Saturday Drew let me sleep in and took the boys to the gym. I got to clean the house in peace. I realize that this doesn't seem like much of a Mothers day present, but I really love to have my ENTIRE home clean at the same time (I'm slightly OCD. Trying to get over these tendencies...), so I really was in a good mood once everyone returned. In the afternoon, the boys helped us with yard work and cleaning the cars, so we let them celebrate a job well done by playing in the sprinkler.
almost one, and the world is all his. At least his backyard world ;) (also, please note: HE'S CRAWLING ON THE GRASS. We've made progress this week in the grass department!).
yes, that's dirt on his lip. I'm fairly certain he actually ate some too. More protein, right?
this picture makes my heart break in two. Who stole my baby???!!!!
Drew and the boys planted most of the plants in the garden. I'm still skeptical the plants and fruit will be safe from little hands that think they are "hungry for another snack."

Since the sprinkler was such a big hit (especially with Tyler... I have another water lover on my hands!), we took the boys to the splash park after their naps. When I opened the door to get Tyler out of the van, he leaned over, saw the fountains, and IMMEDIATELY began squealing. I love seeing how much joy he gets from some of the smallest things. 
so. much. joy.
oh Connor. He never stopped from the moment he was sprayed down with sunblock.
neither did this guy!
such a sweet big brother to spray him directly in the face ;)
we are just SO happy it's finally summer.

We wrapped our Mothers Day weekend by going to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Upon ordering, Brayden informed me that since it was Mothers Day, that he would let me eat all the shrimp. This is an endearing gift, as the little stinker will sneak most of the shrimp off our our fajita plate before he even finishes his own. I was pretty excited about not having to split the prawns, but quickly realized it was all in vain, as Brayden snatched up two before anyone had even had a chance to make their fajitas. 

All in all it was a fabulous Mothers Day weekend. Seeing the movie on Friday made me really reflective. I really am living my dream and I take it for granted all too often. Drew is an amazing husband and daddy, I have three beautiful boys... life couldn't really get much sweeter. Yes, the days can be hard and brutal at times. But I wouldn't change one thing about my story for anything in the world. I am so blessed and this weekend was just a reminder of just how blessed I truly am. 

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