Thursday, May 8, 2014

Squirt Guns and Glasses.

It's no secret that it has been a long, cold winter here in NWA. It has stretched me and the boys more than I've probably been willing to admit. In many ways, I have felt like a failure as a mom when most days ended in whining, way too many hours in front of a tv, and all of us on each others nerves.
so this week when our temps hit unseasonably warm 80s, we were all just a little bit giddy about it. Giddy about outside lunches, snacks and playtime. Outside without layers and layers of clothes, chilling wind and subfreezing temps.
This week I pulled out our new squirtguns, filled a bucket of water, and let the boys go to town. You would have thought I had given them the moon. So many giggles (and a few tears-- gotta love an eyeball being squirted)
he is just SO happy to finally be able to wear a swim suit and play in the water. Earlier this week on a walk around one of our local ponds, he said "I really wish I was a duck. Then I could swim in the water all the time."
Connor was excited he's old enough to defend himself ;)

The week has ended with a bit of some stormy weather, but it looks as though the bitter cold is behind us for good. As for me, I had a reminder that my body is not as young as my heart... I've had to wear reading glasses for a few years, but lately I had been having issues with seeing well when I was driving at night. When I got my eyes checked a few months ago, I was told that I probably should wear glasses all the time (or at least when I'm driving and reading). And so, today I picked up my new glasses. I actually don't mind since they really do help me see better, but it feels weird having something on my face all the time (and Tyler thinks it's pretty fun to try and grab them off my face). Yay for getting old ;)
New glasses.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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